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Download Miraculous Ladybug 


Download Miraculous Ladybug for Android and iPhone with a direct link to the latest version for free 2021. Download the ladybug game, the ladybug game: Hello and welcome my dear friends, visitors to the jawakerr site, today we will talk about a game that many players around the world adore, as it is full of speed and movements Acrobatic and it is classified within the type of action games, as we know that the most device that pursues people wherever they go at all times is mobile phones, after technological development and the issuance of various smart operating systems, which opened the door and provided a fertile environment for programming companies to produce many games and applications and This is why we will offer you the game that works on mobile phones with different operating systems, since the game was released and it has been admired by many users all over the world because of its distinctive features that attract the attention of children and adults as well to try and enjoy it, when you try the game on your phone You will discover that it is very similar to animation, and you will find yourself inside one of the cartoon films, which is what attracts children to it.


The game that we present today is very similar to one of the famous games that were presented on the site, which are the links to download the game Subway Surfers, as it is similar in terms of the general atmosphere of the game from running, jumping, escaping and collecting gold coins, this game was built or it simulates The famous animated series Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir, which is one of the adventure and action series that many people around the world love, and it has been dubbed into Arabic as well. The game was named after the most important characters in the series, which is the ladybug and the black cat game, and they are the ones who fight The bad guys in the streets and suburbs of the French capital Paris to address all kinds of crime by escaping and avoiding obstacles and obstacles that will appear to you with the ability to jump, run and climb walls and barriers. You can download the game now with quick direct links from the bottom of the topic.


Download Miraculous Ladybug for Android and iPhone with a direct link,


Download and install the Miraculous Ladybug game for iPhone and Android with a direct link from the Play Store and from the Apple Store, the latest update 2021. Miraculous is a series of the Ladybug and Black Cat stories, which is a computer-driven television series of comic drama with a joint production between many countries and which It included South Korea, France and Japan, which was created by Thomas Astruk and produced through Jeremy Zag. The series premiered in South Korea on September 1, 2015, and the number of episodes reached 67 episodes and the Arabic dubbed version was shown on 30 days. January 2016, the first download version of the Miraculous Ladybug game was released in 2018 by Crazy Labs by TabTale, which specializes in releasing many beautiful games, the game is based on the events of the animated series with the same name of the game and is classified under the type of action and excitement games, the game is distinguished by the presence of The two characters who represent the heroes of the series are the Ladybug or the girl Marinette, who plays the role of the ladybug and the black cat, Adrian.


Installing the game Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir on phones with an Android operating system, you can download it through the Google Play Store, you can download the game to work on mobiles with the IOS operating system through the Apple Store to work on iPhone phones, the most important features that we care about, the height of the jawakerr site is the display of all What is new and free, as is the case with the game that we present to you today, you can download it for free with quick direct links through the official stores at the bottom of the topic, the ladybird and the black cat are distinguished by their small size that enables users to install them on their mobile phones easily as it does not need a large space From mobile memory, the game is characterized by high-resolution 3D graphics with very beautiful graphics and colors, which greatly attracts the attention of children to experience the game and enjoy it, so that the number of downloads from within the Google Play Store has reached more than 50 million downloads.


Features of installing Miraculous Ladybug for iPhone and Android


You can download the game Miraculous Ladybug for free, as we promised you to provide everything new and free on the jawakerr site.


Miraculous Ladybug works on mobiles with the Android operating system, which you can download from the official Google Play Store.


You can download the game to work on mobile phones with the iOS operating system through the official Apple Store to work on iPhone mobiles.


The game is characterized by its small size, which enables users to download and install it on their mobile phones with ease as it does not occupy a large area of ​​the phone memory.


Miraculous Ladybug is characterized by high-quality 3D graphics with accurate and beautiful graphics and colors that attract its users.


The game is of the type of action and adventures as it contains running, climbing walls and jumping to avoid obstacles and obstacles.


The game is inspired by the famous foreign series Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir, which has been dubbed into Arabic.


You can register a special account inside the game to save the level you have reached with the ability to invite your friends to try the game.


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