Download Pocket Tanks with the latest direct link, for free, 2021

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 Download Pocket Tanks with the latest direct link, for free, 2021

Download, download and install the Pocket Tanks game for Android, iPhone, computer and laptop with a direct link to the latest release for free 2021. Installing the tanks game, this word that no one who loves and users of video games can forget, this word was the popular name for one of the best and most beautiful video games that It appeared to us, this game which had a very great position and remained a very long time number one among the rest of the games, although this game is simple and light, but it is very fun, and it also contains many beautiful fights that will make you never tire of the game despite It is small and simple, this powerful game is the game Pocket Tanks, known as the tank game, today we will start talking about the new version of this wonderful game, where we will present to you in this topic the full explanation and description of this wonderful game and all the features and characteristics in the game We will also provide you with the direct link to download the game Pocket Tanks directly on the computer and phones, the way to run the game, the way to play and win this beautiful game.

Download the game tanks, a very popular game and this is because it contains a very beautiful game system, so this game appeared a long time ago and in this period the playing system for this game was very strange as it was new and the first time it appeared to us and this matter was a major reason for making This game is very famous and beautiful, especially since the game is based on the PvP system, i.e. player against player or one against one, in this game you will control your tank, you will start fighting the other, whether it is a computer, laptop, competitor or friend of yours, The game also depends on the hit and strike system, this gives each player an opportunity to show your skills and take his time in directing, aiming and attacking, and the game also requires many other things, except that it contains many wonderful characteristics that we will fully present to you in the description paragraph .

Download the latest version of Pocket Tanks game for Android, iPhone, computer and laptop

Download, download and install Pocket Tanks game for computer, laptop, iPhone and Android with a direct link to the latest version for free with the latest update 2021. Pocket Tanks is one of the old and wonderful video games that appeared to us in 2001 on the 26th of October 10 by the well-known Bit Wes Production Company In the light video game industry, the game was released in the past to work on the computer only, but in 2009, with the popularity of smartphones, a version of the game was released to work on phones, whether it was with the Android system or iPhone phones, this game got pretty fame On phones, this is due to the ease and simplicity of the game, but the control and gameplay system is very suitable for phones and not as complicated as other shooting and strategy games on phones, we will now offer you the features in the game, the graphics in the game of tanks, the Pocket Tanks game contains wonderful and beautiful graphics, The shapes in the game were designed in a simple way, such as the tanks, which were designed in a miniature and simple way, and the ground was designed in the form of a gradient mountain only, and there were no details in the game. A small, light and beautiful game at the same time, and many sound and visual effects have been added with the use of weapons, whether it is the sound of the explosion that distinguishes each weapon from others or the color of the explosion and others.

Control system in the game Pocket Tanks, there is a very simple control system in the game of tanks, this system that made the game very suitable for smartphones, all you will do in the game is press the buttons only in order to attack, you will find a special button to move your tank Move, as you will find a button named Angle and this is in order to direct the tank cannon, after that you will open the Weapon menu and this is in order to choose the weapon that you will use in the fight, then you will determine the fire power through the Power indicator, after that you will press on Fire to shoot, the gameplay is very simple, you will not run or move in the game like adventure games, but all you will do is aim at the enemy after that you will start shooting at him and this is in order to collect the largest number of points and overcome your enemy, The game also supports single and doubles play, online and offline play.

Features of installing Pocket Tanks game for computer, laptop, Android and iPhone

Tanks game contains many other wonderful features and additions, which are: -

In tank game you will find it very light and has a small area.

Pocket Tanks will not require a lot of possibilities to work on phones, computers and laptops.

Tank game on the computer is easy and simple but it will require excellent focus and aim.

There are more than 150 weapons in the game tanks.

There are many roads and mountains that you will fight on.

There are a large amount of difficulty levels in the game, up to 10 levels.

The game supports single and double play.

Pocket Tanks game works online and offline.

The game has beautiful effects.

It works on Android and iPhone completely and supports all versions.


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