Download all versions of Excel with a direct link 2021

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Download all versions of Excel with a direct link 2021


Download Excel for Android and iPhone directly with the latest update link, and install the Excel program for computer, laptop and Mac with the latest direct link, released for free 2021. The Excel program is one of the most important and most used programs in creating spreadsheets, and you can use this program in data management and also analyzing it accurately, and you can That you download and use this program simply and easily, and you can apply the steps that I will mention in this article simply, so that you can use it in creating various tables, not only in data and analyzing them, but has become used in companies in all matters related to tables of all kinds.


The installation of Excel appeared in several steps, not one program, but rather several successive programs, then this program developed from several programs to one program only for financial calculations, which is an easy-to-use program that any person can use, without resorting to experience Or, prior knowledge, or resorting to courses through the Internet, and through the article that we are dealing with now, we will be able to understand everything about the Excel program, how to use it, its most important advantages, what are its problems and disadvantages, and how to solve the problems that may exist in it And, we will also learn how to use this program in our life simply, and using it makes it easier for us to do many accounts, tables and other different financial and accounting matters.


Download Excel for PC, laptop, Mac, Android, and iPhone


 Download and download Excel for the computer, laptop and Mac with a direct link, and install Excel for Android and iPhone with a direct link to the latest version for free 2021. Accounting software has become a valve for any modern project due to the availability of time, effort, papers and business research, but unfortunately there is no free accounting software; Oh God, only a few, and in our article, we will offer you a free accounting program download excel 2021 with a direct link from Media Fire without any restrictions, for more than one excel file, not just one. We inform you that our site will offer a free accounting program, God willing. That is, you can download a free accounting program directly.


How to make a table on Excel computer programs


Computer programs have greatly assisted in obtaining important information, and carrying out many required tasks very quickly, in simple and easy ways, and in a very short time. In the previous time, creating spreadsheets was a very difficult task, which takes a lot of time and effort, and may produce inaccurate results at times. After the creation of the Excel program, the completion of these tasks became very easy and fast without the need for exaggerated effort, and the results are very accurate and match the final result of the computer programs.


Microsoft is considered the leader in electronic programs and systems. It has presented many innovative programs that have caused a great sensation in technology, and the most important of these programs are:


Microsoft Excel, and I use it to do tough math problems.


Microsoft Outlook through which you can create e-mails.


Microsoft PowerPoint and we use it to create text files in a smooth presentation.


Microsoft Word from which we create writing files.


Advantages of a free accounting program Excel 2021


To download the Excel accounting program, you may need a lot of utilities such as the Net Frame Work package, Microsoft Crystal Data Base, and others, but through the proposed excel file, you will not need anything else, just a very small file compared to any other program.


 The advantages of installing the Excel accounting program for the computer, laptop, Mac and mobile


It is characterized by its ability to organize a large number of data and tables, in an accurate, fast, simple and effective way.


This data can be displayed in the form of a simple and fast graph, and you can open this data and enter it simply.


Create your own visual diagrams and sculptures.


You can integrate this program with other applications.


You can use it to analyze data, student grades and make decisions, and it helps you perform math operations.


Helps accomplish many tasks with ease and activate cells simply.


It allows you to view a complete view of others' data, through e-mail.


You can print any part of this program, through the display screen, by selecting the part you want with the mouse by long pressing on the left side, until you select the part that you want to print, then press the print command, and simply print.


The calculations on the Excel program are much easier than the calculations on the calculator, because there are all the special symbols for arithmetic equations, and the introduction of equations in order to be calculated, requires that the program be connected to the Internet, so that you can give reliable results simply and easily.


Free accounting software download excel is only one file multi-sheet, journal entries, invoices, warehouse, cash transactions.


It is open source and you can change whatever you want with it, and it does not need any other software to run it.


The file is completely free and requires no cost to pay.


Easy to use and simple interface known to everyone working in this field.


The file is complete, does not require any software modification, and enables direct use.


It contains the daily, creditor and debtor accounts. The calculations are performed automatically without any intervention, immediately upon entering the mathematical values.


It contains the stores and their accounts, and works on inventorying the stores in a timely manner.


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