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download Subway Surfers direct link 2021


Download Subway Surfers for Android and iPhone with the latest version direct link, and install Subway Surfers game for computer, laptop and Mac with a direct link last update 2021. With the Android system or that works according to the IOS system, and the company that produced it provided it on the App Store and Google Play stores to be easily obtained, and it is from the category of stalking games that adults and children adore. During the past few years, Subway was the main and basic game for all Devices and remained high on the throne of games because of their wide popularity and characters that attracted a large number of users.


Subway Surfers has produced the most famous technical games company in the European world, as it is the result of a cooperation between Kiloo and Sybo, where the two companies have shown many characters within the game using the best graphics and high graphics work, and with the installation of the Subway game, you will have image quality as it works with the technology of HD as well as the quality of the sound that takes you inside the experience of chasing and trying to escape, as well as the form of roads and public transport that closely matches nature, and the game provides many stages and atmosphere of competition and collects coins in order to unlock many characters, clothes, stages and other auxiliary tools, all of this And more you will get after downloading Subway Server, which has been translated into Arabic (the subway game).


Download Subway Surfers for Android, iPhone, PC, Laptop and Mac


Download Subway Surfers for PC, laptop and Mac with a direct link, and install Subway Surfers for iPhone and Android latest update for free 2021. Subway Surfers is one of the most popular fun chasing games that is mainly based on a young teenager named Jack who has many friends The game starts at the beginning with Jack And his companions with some riots, playing and drawing on trains and cars at the train station, so that the policeman and his dog try hard to catch him and his friends, and from here the chase begins, where Jack, who you in turn, continues to run between the roads, trying to avoid all the obstacles that are represented in some fast trains, ground bumps and high bridges And other obstacles that you will see in Subway Surfers


In the event that you are caught or obstructed in something that is slower than your speed, the opportunity for the policeman and his dog to approach you becomes easier, as he wants to follow you to punish you for the riots by throwing you into prison immediately, and the original Subway game also collects a number of Coins during the process of running and running, which by collecting them you can change the character of Jack and open new stages with modern characters, and you can also get more coins. The possibility of buying some clothes or using some tools that enable you to increase the speed of running and escaping from the policeman, and you can also collect a number Among the keys during the game is to enable you to continue from the point where the policeman caught it, which means that you will not lose and you will complete the game from where you stopped and not from the beginning. You can also learn more about the popular Subway game on Wikipedia.


How to download Subway Surfers on Android phones


The first step: the company released a copy of the game inside the Google Play Store, just open the store and without the name of the application, either in Arabic or in English.


The second step: For the game to appear instantly in the top search engines, click on the game name to show the Install or Install button, click on it and wait a while.


Third Step: Some download permissions will appear for running the game, click on the Accept or Allow button, and then wait for a while until the download process is completed.


Fourth Step: After the download is completed, you can click the unlock button to start using the game and enjoy it as soon as it is downloaded.


Fifth step: You can also download the game Subway Surfers for Android directly link from the bottom of the topic.


How to download Subway Surfers on iPhone


First Step: You can download the new Saboy game on the iPhone by opening the App Store and writing down the name of the game in the top search bar.


Step two: Click on the Get button and wait a while for the download process to finish.


Third Step: After making sure that the phone is connected to the Internet and the game is loaded, click the Open button to start enjoying the game.


Fourth Step: You can also download the Subway Surfers game for iPhone via a direct link from the bottom of the topic.


The original Subway Surfers installation features for PC, laptop, Mac and mobile


Since its first release, subway has had many advantages that have made it the most popular game in the world of Android and iPhone, as it is demanded by adults to play it before the young, as it has high quality and great attention from those in charge of it as it has many improvements and additions from version to version Another, and it is enough that it is a free game that any user can get without paying the lowest subscription, as well as many other advantages that are as follows:


It strengthens the spirit of competition, although Subway Surfers is a single-player game, but it strengthens the spirit of competition and group games, as you can play it and engage in a challenge with family members by achieving the highest results within the game to write it in your name, and thus others will compete with you to get the number The top is inside the game to write their names and so on, as it is a game that relies more on concentration and skill in getting a high score.


High-quality graphics and graphics, one of the things that characterizes the game Saboy the train is the use of high-quality graphics, where people appear closer to nature, even the regions and countries in which Jack appears, backgrounds are made with more than wonderful graphics, where the shape of the sidewalks and the high sky is reflected with the shape of the trains And its colors, even the form of the barriers, the shape of the background and the floors, where everything appears in a way that mimics reality and is very close to nature because the people in charge of the game Subway Surfers have used HD techniques in order to obtain high quality while playing until the colors appear very vividly.


The game of Wei Wei is not only running, but it has goals, from time to time, and after you pass several levels and obtain gold coins, many goals appear in front of you in the game, some of which are to collect some gold coins in order to unlock some levels, unlock some characters, or change clothes Not only that, but you can also use some sledges that give you another chance in life, even if the policeman caught you, you will not lose or repeat from the beginning, but only lose the sled, in addition to collecting some letters of the city that play and run inside its parts, in addition to that you can get Easily the Key Life which, when used, can keep the score you reached and continue the game where you left off.


The Subway game contains many characters, inside the new Subway game there are many characters where not only you play with Jack, but you can play with many other characters that are represented by some boys and girls in addition to some characters that are characterized by fantasy as shapes Different pet monsters, some of them need a specific score and others are free.


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