Download Cooking Dash for Android and iPhone with a direct link

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Download Cooking Dash for Android and iPhone with a direct link


Download the best Cooking Dash game for mobile for free with a direct link, today we will talk about one of the best cooking games for girls, which is Cooking Dash, a very special game in which a kitchen is simulated to sell food products such as pizza, meat, etc. You prepare the meals that are asked of you very quickly so that customers do not get bored of standing for a long time and lose the opportunity to get higher points and the events of the game revolve in this way and the stages begin in a small restaurant in a bad condition and after you collect more money from customers and sales, you start directly in upgrading the restaurant to become more beautiful and attractive to customers.


Here the number of customers begins to flow more, which makes you look for an upgrade to the speed of the character who makes the orders, which is the waitress the hero of the game. Of course, the game provides a number of upgrades to the speed of this character in exchange for the money you earn from playing, and there are many different stages of the game, some of which are under The sea and what is in the jungle where the stages change according to where the stage you are moving to and of course with each new transition to another stage you will lose all the upgrades you made in your old restaurant to start a new journey with the struggle, in fact the famous cooking game Cooking Dash is One of the best games in this field where it beats most girls’ games and cooking games, we provide you with today’s topic download links for the game for PC, Android and iPhone below.


Download Cooking Dash for PC, Laptop and Mac with a direct link


Download cooking cooking game for computer and laptop is one of the best girls' cooking games in recent times The fast food restaurant game is one of the simple games in design and gameplay where all you need in this game is a good mouse as the game relies heavily on it where the waitress is moved through it As for how to play, it is very simple. At first, the customer comes to the place where you work and then displays his orders in a bubble above. You go through the mouse pointer on it to show the orders he wants clearly, and from here you start preparing those orders by bringing The things he wants as quickly as possible because speed is an important factor in "Cooking Dash".


Often among the orders is the main order that contains a large meal that you have to prepare using the oven or fryer and then you bring all these things that you have previously prepared to the customer’s place at the table where he will pay directly and you will also have to collect the fees, there are many The important things that you should focus on so as not to make you lose, and the most important of which is the condition of the customers, where there are hearts or a higher indicator. Playing the “restaurant maid” game on smartphones is almost the same as the computer method, except for some minor differences. On the phone, you control the character by touching the screen, and this makes playing through the phone a little simpler than the computer. The game is available on smartphones in many different versions which receive periodic updates.


Best Cooking Dash Game for Mobile, PC, Laptop and Mac


Of course, installing the famous "cooking game" "Cooking Dash" or the girl's cook is one of the best games that girls can play on the computer or on the mobile, as it is characterized by the fact that it includes more than one game at the same time. Many games such as pizza cooking game, chicken cooking game, meat cooking game, bread cooking game, cake cooking game, tortilla making game, potato cooking game, ice cream making game, juice making game and many other special games as the more you progress In the stages, you are asked for different tasks such as that, and sometimes there are wonderful competitions between the stages and some of them, such as the pizza competition and the cooking competition, so the cooking game for Android or the fast food restaurant game is one of the most wonderful girls’ games available for computer and mobile, as no other game contains With the same amount of excitement and excitement, the chicken cooking game for girls remains the best among all its competitors, and there are of course many games that we will provide in the near future on your site Trade Soft so that you will find everything you need here. Create a special section for girls' games so that you can always refer to it to make sure that there are new free games in it.


Features Cooking Dash for PC, Laptop, Mac and Mobile


1- Kitchen simulation: The third part cooking dash game 2021 has succeeded in simulating the real kitchen in a big way, as now you can get a real kitchen experience that does not differ from the one in any restaurant where you can enjoy preparing food in many shapes and recipes with different game stages as well. That with the change of each stage within the game, you will find many new meals and dishes that you can enjoy cooking for customers to collect money as if you own a real restaurant without any change.


2. Kitchen upgrade: You can now upgrade the kitchen in the game as you wish by changing the cooking ovens and many of the number in your kitchen in the game. There are many devices that you can exchange for new ones by buying them from the game store, where there are upgrades for each stage These things and this is what makes you want to play hard so that you can upgrade all these things to get a great kitchen and of course the upgrades include changing the floors with new ones as well as changing the serving table for customers and putting more beautiful decorations on the walls to improve the look of the place.


3. Graphics: The graphics of the game or the graphics were designed with 3D technology, which made the game really wonderful. You can now notice the quality of the game after you download it from the link below, as attention was paid to the smallest details in the game until it became very similar to the real one, because The forms of meals, devices and the place have been fully taken care of, and each customer has a special shape, and none of them are similar to the other, and the decor of the place will differ with each new stage, so you will not feel any boredom from the shape of the game or place.


4. Free game: You can now download the Cooking Dash 2021 cooking game on all systems for free and without the need to pay anything. This is because the game is available for free for everyone. This is also in addition to the absence of ads for anything annoying. It is enough for you now to download the game for free and with a direct link From the bottom and enjoy all the distinct stages in it, which differ between the first, second and third versions.

Download Cooking Dash for Android
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Download Cooking Dash for PC, Laptop and Mac


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