Download Creative Destruction game for mobile and PC for free

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 Download Creative Destruction game for mobile and PC for free

Creative Destruction game: My friends, visitors to jawakerr website, you are welcome. There have been a lot of Royal Battle games lately, which have received a lot of admiration from players, and those who do not know the meaning of Royal Battle games, which are action games that ask you to win your survival at the last stage you are in Downloading the Creative Game for Android and iPhone, the latest version, is considered one of the most distinctive and wonderful games that contain a lot of wonderful capabilities and features that are truly unparalleled, as this distinctive game is one of the very light games that everyone can enjoy and will not take any space from the computer without a doubt, In addition, it is also free and can be downloaded for free and without any fees or costs at all.

Story of Creative Destruction

The Creative game is one of the games that is already very similar to the game in a large proportion to the game Fortnite, but it has a lot of features that are not found in competing games, the game contains a training system that enables you to choose between a lot of weapons and control some enemies and their movements and the distance between you and them even Practice shooting from different distances and different weapons, and the target is fixed or moving as you want, and this feature is not available in competing games, and weapons are also different from their examples, as it has electric weapons, laser weapons and a lot of things that make you interested to download the game and try it, Fortnite, which has already become famous In a lot of combat and very violent confrontations, through which the user aims to survive, as this can cost the user a lot of great sacrifices.

Download Creative Destruction for PC, Laptop and Mac

We recommend downloading the Creative Destruction game for PC, laptop and Mac with a direct link and in a small size for free. As you know, the game is considered one of the most distinctive games over the past years, despite being similar to many war games. And fighting and the use of firearms, but the company that produced them was keen to make the name of the game prominent. Until it is completely different from other similar games in order to ensure its spread throughout the world alike. Certainly, Creative Destruction is a name that has a very beautiful impact on all players in general, as every player aspires to know the mysteries that lie behind it The exciting name, forcing everyone to download the game immediately and start learning the secrets that this fighting game holds, full of scenes of war and destruction in the north, in addition to the chases that carry limitless excitement, is one of the famous big games that has achieved great success. It has been very popular in the past long periods and has been able to establish itself among all the very popular competitive games. This is due to many very important things, the most important of which is that the game has fantastic graphics. It is so special that you feel like you are playing next to the characters in the game. In addition, the game tends more to be a cartoon game to be similar to the famous Fortnite game.

About the Creative Destruction game for mobile and PC

It is worth noting that the first version to download the Creative game was released in 2018 by the programmer Titan Studios through the cdgame company, and it was the first version of the program to work on mobile phones only running the Android system, and then the company that produced the game issued other copies to work on iPhone phones running the IOS operating system , as we know that many game-producing companies are satisfied with releasing games on mobile devices only, but CD Game has released a copy of the game to work on computers with Windows operating system, and what distinguishes the game is its small size relative to competing games, so the game can be downloaded on devices with capabilities medium.

Download Creative Destruction game for Android and iPhone

After downloading Creative Destruction on the mobile, enjoy the best action game recently because of the suspense and excitement of the game. As we know that this type of games users gather to play online and where they compete with people from everywhere in the world, as we mentioned before that the game did not A year has passed since its release, but it has achieved great fame, as the number of downloads from the Google Play Store has exceeded more than 10 million times, so you can now download the Creative Destruction game for free from the Google Play Store for Android systems and from the Apple Store for free also for IOS operating systems for iPhone phones .

General information about Creative Destruction for Android

Game license: Free.

Game size: approximately 3 GB.

Game version: 2.0.4241.

Operating system: Android 4.1 at least.

Suitable age: 12 years and over.

Game rating: 4.1 stars.

General information about Creative Destruction for iPhone

Game license: Free.

Game size: 2.8 GB approximately.

Game version: 2.0.4181.

Operating system: IOS 9.0 at least.

General information about game Creative Destruction for PC and Mac

Game license: Free.

Game size: 2.9 GB approximately.

Game version: 3.0.36.

Operating system: Windows 7 at least.

How to play Creative Destruction

The Creative Destruction game begins with displaying the game servers and they are three, if you want the game through the Middle East server, you have to choose Med Server and then choose the shape of the character that you will play through, the game allows only 100 players within each competition, then you start opening the game like the rest Games similar to having a plane or a flying bus and choosing a place to land on the island, you have to choose safe places so that you can collect some weapons before attacking the competitors, from some places that have a lot of weapons and equipment and you can meet a lot of players also are Eden Vines, Spring Town , Palmburg, but if you are a beginner, you have to choose remote places so that you can collect some weapons before meeting the rest of the players, and from these areas West Lake, Lion Park, a small map is available in the Creative Destruction game that shows you the direction you are moving to, with the names of the areas that we have previously shown you and make it easier You have a lot, and in addition to the players competing and attacking each other, there is another challenge, which is the snow storm that is slowly approaching the middle of the island. An estructor that enables you to build walls and mazes for enemies so that they do not expect your location or from which side you will attack them.

Features Creative Destruction game for mobile and computer

1. The first features that we care about on jawakerr from referring applications and games is to provide everything that is new and free, so you can now download the Creative game for free.

2. The game is available to work on mobile devices with an Android operating system that you can download from the Google Play Store and also to work on iPhones with an IOS operating system through the Apple Store.

3. The game has a copy to work on the computer and laptop with the Windows operating system, and this is not available in many competing games.

4. One of the most important features that makes you think about downloading the game is its small size compared to similar games.

5. The game does not need high computer specifications, but you can play the game on a computer and laptop with medium or simple specifications.

6. The game has high-resolution 3D graphics with very beautiful visual and sound effects that will make you feel in an enthusiastic atmosphere.

7. Playing is online, and this is what users are requesting and turning to now, and it is to compete with real players from other regions and countries and to make friends from all countries.

8. The game is very similar to Fortnite and this is what made it so popular.

9. You can participate in the game individually or participate in a team.

10. You can communicate with your team members through written chat or voice communication within the game.

11. New seasons and events are added from time to time to break the boredom and enter special tournaments.

12. The developer is interested in updating the game periodically to add new features and work to solve all the problems that users encounter.

13. It includes many different types of weapons with the design of many characters that you can choose among them.

Creative Destruction game download link

We have come to the most important section of our topic today, which is showing links to download the Creative Destruction game on computers, laptops and mobile devices with different operating systems.


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