Download Firefox Quantum with the latest direct link 2021

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Download Firefox Quantum with the latest direct link 2021


Download the Firefox Quantum browser for Android and iPhone with a direct link, download and install the new Firefox Quantum program for computer, laptop and Mac for free 2021. Download the new Mozilla Firefox Quantum browser for computer, laptop, Mac and mobile with a direct link, download the new Firefox browser 2021 for computer for free with a direct link with the explanation is Today's topic, Hello and welcome, dear followers and visitors to the website of jawakerr. As you know, we talked a lot about previous topics about Internet browsers and we presented the best programs in this field in detail, but today we show you a real revolution in the field of Internet browsing that will change the future of programs in this field Our conversation today about the giant browser Firefox, not in its usual, recognizable version, but with a new distinctive version called "Quantum", which is a completely new version of Firefox browser developed to solve all the problems that users were facing in the previous versions of this browser.


Install Firefox Quantum for the computer, laptop and Mac. In addition to overcoming competitors by providing a distinct performance with a great difference from the largest competitor, which is the Google Chrome browser, before this comprehensive update, the Google Chrome browser was on the throne in this field by 52% and the share of Firefox was significantly decreasing in front of This giant therefore satisfied the Mozilla company with the launch of the 88th version of the regular Firefox and began preparing for the revolutionary Firefox Quantum 2021 version for all devices and of course this new version won the admiration of users from all over the world due to you the wonderful features provided by this distinctive browser, in today's topic we will review All new additions to the Mozilla Firefox Quantum browser with an explanatory video for all the new features.


Download Firefox Quantum Browser for Android, iPhone, PC, Laptop, and Mac


Download and install the Firefox Quantum program for computer, laptop and Mac with a direct link, download and download the Firefox Quantum program for Android and iPhone with a new direct link for free 2021. The old Firefox browser had many problems that were negatively affecting the user's experience so it was necessary to develop so the Quantum project was launched several years ago. Most famously, everyone was looking at the end of this scientific project, which was called Quantum. As you know, at the beginning the Firefox Quantum Beta version was launched for the experiment and it got a positive reaction as it scored outstanding performance on almost all devices with less consumption of resources, whether in terms of memory or RAM, and this is what Make the Firefox Quantum browser significantly outperform its competitor Google Chrome, so you can now open many windows within the browser without feeling a comment in usage or known problems such as consumption of RAM or processor. You can now browse the Internet freely while running all other programs such as Photoshop, Media Player, and others, as well. For all these aforementioned features, Firefox Quantum Browser 2021 has an Internet browsing speed that is twice as high as that H, Google Chrome, and this of course is suitable for owners of limited speed Internet, in short, the new Quantum browser from Mozilla is the best solution for those who have an average device with limited Internet capabilities and wants good performance with advanced technologies not found in any other browser, so the Firefox Quantum browser will be loaded 2021 for PC is its best.


The Firefox Quantum browser download version 2021 is far from competitors due to the advantages the program offers that are not found in any other program, such as support for virtual reality and improve the speed of the browser response so that the new browser from Firefox has become significantly less resource-intensive and this is what enables you to switch between different sites Through the browser with ease, as well as the ability to open a large number of websites together without affecting the browser performance in general, all competitors of this browser from the rest of the well-known Internet browsers such as Opera, Torch, Maxthon and others are still at a great distance from this new innovation from Mozilla, where it is distinguished The new Mozilla Firefox Quantum browser has an interface with a modern, simple design that is practical and avoids exaggerated appearances that make the user distracted, so you can now definitely rely on this giant browser mainly on your phone or on your computer or laptop without feeling any difference, but you will get an experience Much better usage than any previous browser you were using.


Available versions of Firefox Quantum Browser download for all devices


Firefox Quantum program for computer, laptop and Mac: The basic version of the Mozilla Firefox Quantum browser is available, the latest version for all computers in various systems, where you can download the Firefox Quantum program for the computer with Windows for various versions such as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and of course You can download for 32 and 64 bits, and you can also download Quantum Browser for Mac, Linux, and other supported systems.


Firefox Quantum program for Android and iPhone: the mini version of the Quantum browser program is available for mobile devices such as mobiles and tablets from various companies. You can download the Quantum browser for iPhone and iPad as well as for various types of Android phones. The mobile version also recorded a very distinct performance on most phones, you can download the Quantum browser for Android, and you can Download Quantum Browser for iPhone.


Firefox Quantum download features for PC, laptop, Mac and mobile


Double speed: You will not find any Internet browser program until this moment gives you the same speed that the new Mozilla Firefox Quantum program provides you, as this program provides you with many very powerful capabilities with a completely new engine that makes the browser roam the sites very smoothly, which makes it easier to download pages and will You notice a big difference in the speed of use between the Firefox Quantum browser and any other version of the rest of the browsers, and even the old version of this browser you will find it completely different.


Performance stability: Thanks to the big changes in the new browser system, Quantum, the browser has become properly consumed, which reduced the consumption of hardware resources as a whole. The performance is remarkable as you can open any number of tapes at the same time and switch between them smoothly and without the feeling of tearing or creasing, which of course is a wonderful thing.


Browse freely: With the incognito feature, you can now browse all websites on the Internet safely and without fear of anything thanks to the tracking prevention system that the company developed and added in the new browser. We do not really know whether this tool is highly effective or not, but the tests It showed that it is powerful and works well, but we advise you to be careful, as there are some agencies that can track you with the presence of such tools on your device.


Support for most systems: You can download the new Firefox Quantum browser on almost all devices without any problem, and this is what enables you to synchronize browsing history, websites and other data that you can access through your phone or computer where the Firefox Quantum 2021 program is available for download for almost all devices and systems, so you can Download Firefox 2021 for the computer through the official website, and you can also download the browser for Android and iPhone, as we explained in the previous lines.


The new design: Firefox 81, the latest version, is characterized by a very beautiful design with very consistent colors that make the user experience very distinctive and attention has been paid to the practical aspect in this design so that the user can work with it comfortably with the ability to change the program’s shape easily to any other shape with a set of wonderful themes that It can be downloaded to the browser easily, and in general this change is considered the best in the browser as it contributed to improving the program significantly.


Virtual reality support: Mozilla Firefox program has become, before all, supports virtual reality technologies. You can now enjoy 360-degree content available on the Internet through Firefox browser without any problem. You only need to buy the necessary glasses for this content and you can then enjoy all the content on the Internet from this point and you can Also, experience VR games through the browser without any problem.


Libraries: It is a new feature that the company has added to the new browser Quantum, where you can save time and effort in accessing many content such as screenshots that you have saved in addition to articles that you have also saved in the Pocket tool that also got very strong improvements as you can get the most important Articles and international news through this distinctive addition.


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