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Download Gimp program, with a direct link, for free 2021

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Download Gimp program, with a direct link, for free 2021


Download and install the Gimp application for Android and iPhone with a direct link, and download and install Gimp for computer, laptop and Mac with a direct link for free with the latest update 2021. Download Gimp for computer and mobile is one of the most important photo editing programs that have spread in the world, as it is more than just an image editing program It contains many tools and control settings that were relatively complicated in the beginning, and the Gimp program is not easy to use for novices, but only professionals flocked to download it, because the developer deliberately put forward the gimp download link to make it a strong and fierce competitor to the Photoshop program for the computer, a competitor. Meaning that it does not perform the same, but surpasses it, and indeed that was as it has a very small size not exceeding 20 MB, which makes it easy to download and deal with it without any impact on the resources of the device.


In addition to its great photo-editing capabilities and working to remove all impurities within the image or add a different background, the Gimp photo editing program can also add more color effects to the image or cut and paste work, as well as the ability to add more than Image within a single image, moreover, installing the GIMP program introduces many technical improvements to the quality of the image, and it also provides the size of the images that you insert for editing through it, so you can specify the size of the image and reduce it as you like without compromising its original quality, and it is worth noting It supports all the different extensions and all the various formats, so there is no obstacle to uploading any image inside it, regardless of its format, in addition to more features and other characteristics that we will mention.


Download Gimp photo for Android, iPhone, PC, laptop, and Mac


Download and install Gimp for computer, laptop and Mac with a direct link, download and install Gimp for iPhone and Android from the Play Store and from the Apple Store with a direct link last update 2021. The GNU image processing program was launched a very long time ago, as it is one of the image editing programs that have a long history that dates back to a year 1995 specifically and the developers intended it to be a program for professionals in the field of images and the world of photography and its special techniques and smart methods, but soon the program administrators felt that it was wrong to direct a program to a specific category and many improvements and updates were added to it to be more simple and easy to handle, so it was introduced For many users, whether beginners or professionals.


Downloading Gimp is a light program on devices, so it has spread widely among many users as it supports different operating systems, whether on computers or on smartphones, whether operating according to the Android system or the iPhone as well, which contributed to its spread significantly, in addition to That is, the Gimp program, whether for the computer or for the phone, is considered one of the programs called the comprehensive because it contains all the tools you need in drawing or editing in addition to its availability in many languages. Gimp in Arabic is one of the most important and famous programs that some Arab countries have made it a basic subject taught in many schools in the secondary stages, which indicates that it is a more than wonderful program.


Gimp versions for computer and mobile downloads


Gimp for Windows: The company that developed the program launched the first version of the program to work on Windows systems since 1995 specifically, and it was the most widespread and famous among other versions, and it still receives many continuous improvements and updates, although it supports old versions of Windows, either Vista or XP up to Windows 10, and we will learn together how to download the gimp program through the remainder of the article.


Gimp for Mac: After the spread of Mac systems and proving their strength and efficiency among many other operating systems, the company decided that users of this system have an enjoyable experience using high-tech image editing, as the Gimp program supports some add-ons that are commensurate with the high capabilities of the device.


Gimp program for Android: The programmer company will not forget smartphone users from offering a miniature version that works on phones efficiently and does not need a large internal space, in addition to containing many tools and settings that help the user to edit images using this wonderful program, and it is worth noting that its size For Android only 9.7 MB, it supports Android version 4.0 or later, and it has been installed by more than a million users around the world.


The Gimp app for iPhone: GiMP has also introduced another version for phones that run according to the IOS system to work efficiently on iPhone phones, but the company has introduced many additional features and advantages to it despite its smaller size than the basic version on the computer, with an area of ​​159.3 MB It works efficiently on iPhone versions starting with iOS 9.0


Gimp download features: photo editor for pc, laptop, mac and mobile


GIMP is characterized by many advantages and characteristics that made it able to compete with a famous and large program such as Photoshop for editing images, but it is simple about it, and it includes some smooth tools in dealing, and the most prominent of these advantages are:


Gimp supports many different extensions and formats for images, thus allowing you the freedom to upload any image inside it by inserting and dropping or adding the image through the program's settings for images, whatever the format, and among the most prominent extensions that are supported by PNG, PSD, PDF, PCX, TIFF, MNG , PMB, GIIF, plus many more extensions and formats.


It includes a large set of tools that make you able to control everything inside the image to give wonderful professional touches inside it, and each tool has a specific work mechanism that can do the smallest details that you want to edit the image with, it is better that you practice each tool so that you can achieve Optimal use of it inside the picture.


The program has many different layers, and of course professional users in the field of images are well aware of the importance of layers, as it gives you the opportunity to make every modification within a layer, which makes it easier for you to remove any modification without prejudice to the rest of the other modifications.


Free and supports many languages ​​in addition to the availability of many copies of it, which are compatible with many different operating systems.