Download Helicopter Wars game for Android and iPhone directly

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Download Helicopter Wars game for Android and iPhone directly


Download the Helicopter Wars game for mobile with a direct link to the latest update from the Play Store and from the App Store 2021. There is no one in us who should not have action and fighting games, as these games have a very high excitement and excitement, this enthusiasm that will make you love these games, this is because The fights in these games will attract you to the game and never get bored of it, but sometimes we get tired of the fixed patterns that we are accustomed to in action games such as shooting games, roller player games, survival, battle and real, and others, so we sometimes want a new playing system or a new mod and this In order for you to change and not get bored, and from here we start returning to the old games such as Pocket Tanks and other games that had a different style from the fixed pattern that we see today, today we will show you one of these games, which is the Helicopter Wars game for smartphones, it is a game A very strong combat, but there is a special and different style of play, we will provide you with a direct link to download the game directly on your mobile phone.


Download Helicopter Wars game for mobile with a direct link


The helicopter war game download is considered one of the games that have spread widely in recent times. Most of the games that appear to us today depend on soldiers and on ordinary wars such as modern wars and World War II, we have forgotten that there are many other wars that occur such as wars of tanks or aircraft And others, the last game that appeared to us that simulates aircraft wars was the game HAWX, at the same time this game was simulating fast warplanes, but today's game is like Hawks game significantly, but you will play with helicopters and not fast warplanes, the matter is completely different in terms of The way of driving, maneuvering and other variables that made the game other than the Hawks game, today we will show you in the description paragraph the full explanation of the game, the way of playing and all the features in this game, and we will also offer you everything you want to know about the Helicopter Wars game for mobile.


Description of the game Helicopter Wars


Download Helicopter Wars, one of the great action and fighting games that appeared on the mobile phone. This game also gained a lot of popularity, and this is because it contains a style of play that we have not seen in computer games before, this style that is completely dependent on doing war, but Using only helicopters, you will enter into many powerful combats and a large number of important wars. This game contains many wonderful features other than the beautiful story and the enjoyable gameplay system that made this game the best among the rest of the aircraft games, now we will introduce you to some of the features of this the game :-


Graphics and cinematics, the helicopter war game appeared to us in 2014, but although it is old, the graphics in the game are more than wonderful, other than containing many wonderful designs, so all shapes in the game were designed to simulate reality in terms of the general shape, But at the same time the graphics are designed in a cartoonish way, this is in addition to high and excellent quality that will make the shapes clear, but the lands and islands in the game are designed in a cartoonish way somewhat and it is one of the defects of the game, and there are many beautiful effects in the game that follow the launch of missiles And shootings and others.


Control system, the helicopter war game contains a control system copy of the fixed control systems for action games such as the Counter-Strike control system and others, you will control the movement of your plane through the WASD buttons, and you will also use the mouse and this is in order to aim and shoot and the reel In addition to the maneuvers, to switch between weapons.


Gameplay system, the game's gameplay system depends entirely on the fights between planes, but from the helicopter type only, you will start riding your plane. You will fight the enemies, the game story is very beautiful although it is not specified a specific place or time But the story of the game will begin and there is a large army of enemies entering the homeland and starting to control more than one area on the island, and you will start killing these enemies by shooting down their planes and striking power centers, weapon centers, and others.


Features of the Helicopter Wars mobile game


1. The effects are many and very impressive.


2. The game has a large number of tasks that you will perform.


3. The story of the game is very fun and enthusiastic.


4. There are many lands and islands for which you will be fighting.


5. There are many types of aircraft and each of these aircraft has its own capabilities.


6. There are many weapons such as missiles, bullets, and others.


7. The game is easy and simple but it will require you time to enumerate the controllers.


8. The graphics of the game are more than wonderful.


9. The game space is small, but it is light and works on most devices.


10. The game is free and works completely offline.

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