Download Icecream Screen Recorder with a direct link

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Download Icecream Screen Recorder with a direct link


Download Icecream Screen Recorder application for Android and iPhone with a direct link, and download Icecream Screen Recorder for the computer, laptop and Mac with a direct link in the latest version for free 2021. Icecream Screen Recorder is the best video screen recording program from the innovative and wonderful programs for capturing the screen, video, audio and image for computers and smartphones, and through The program can shoot desktop still and moving shots, shoot games and record audio, and it is the comprehensive program for imaging for all computer users, through which you can take still pictures from websites and videos and save them on the device and modify them as you wish, so if you want to download a video screen recording application Icecream Screen Recorder, Icecream Screen Recorder is one of the very important applications and is considered one of the best applications for screen capturing video, and thanks to the presence of many program designers, you now have alternatives to typical screen capture applications, and you can through the program control the area and size of the screen that you You want to photograph it in terms of zoom in and out.


Install the Icecream Screen Recorder application for PC, laptop and Mac with a direct link to the latest update 2021. Basic screen recorder functions and ease of use, Icecream Screen Recorder provides you with the option to take a picture of a part of the page or the entire window. Besides this standard screen capture feature, the real benefit regarding this option is that you can also record online videos. Whether referring to Vimeo Dailymotion or YouTube, this recorder can capture videos in different formats precisely with a single click, additional features, If you intend to take a picture in order to highlight specific areas or sections, Icecream Screen Recorder is an innovative program. You are allowed to add annotations like squares, lines of circles, and arrows. All screenshots can be saved directly to your hard drive at the destination of your choice. It can be stored under multiple file formats.


Download Icecream Screen Recorder for Android, iPhone, PC, laptop and Mac


Download and download a video screen recording program for computer, laptop and Mac with a direct link, and download and download Icecream Screen Recorder for iPhone and Android with a direct link in the latest version for free from the Play Store and Apple Store 2021. Adjust the settings of the screen recorder application, when you open Icecream Screen Recorder for the first time, you will see The "Settings" button is in the lower right corner. Upon opening the panel, you will be able to adjust configurations according to your own needs. Under the System tab, you will be able to select the desired image format from the screenshot in either PNG or JPG format. Using hotkeys is a way to manage the screen recording process smoothly. The program's default hotkeys allow you to record and pause by pressing CTRL + Shift + R. Stop by pressing CTRL + Shift + S. If you use the CTRL + Shift + T keyboard shortcut to take a screenshot, the default parameters are Same as previously captured. You can adjust these parameters to your preferences if you prefer.


Install the Screen Record mobile app with direct link last free update 2021. There are also virtual shortcut keys for the following functions: Copy (CTRL + Shift + C), Save Snapshot as URL (CTRL + Shift + U), Zoom In (F10), Switch Control (CTRL) + Shift + G by default) Draw (CTRL + Shift + D by default). Panel Show (CTRL + Shift + H), Cancel Changes (CTRL + Shift + E), Webcam (CTRL + Shift + W), Zoom (F9), you can customize any of these shortcut key combinations at your convenience. To do this, just click on the corresponding fields and press the required keys on the keyboard. Once you set these items according to your own preferences, you will be able to take screenshots and record video and audio clips online with ease, Three ways to save a screenshot, Icecream Screen Recorder allows you to save the screenshot in three different ways. The first is to simply click the "Screen Capture" button in the upper left corner of the taskpad. You can also press CTRL + V to save the screenshot to the clipboard and paste it wherever you want, the third method is to convert the screenshot into a link that you can share later. This is one of the functions that separates Icecream Screen Recorder from other similar tools. Sending a URL is much easier than sending image attachments. All your URLs will be saved in the form of an outline that can be accessed from the main window. If you want to delete a specific photo, just click on the recycle bin icon. You can also press "Clear History" to remove all items at once.


Features of Icecream Screen Recorder for PC, laptop, Mac and mobile


Icecream Screen Recorder works on all computers but is most efficient.


The design of the program has become more modern as it is easy for you to download.


With Icecream Screen Recorder, you can record sound from the microphone connected to the computer, save it and modify it with any audio engineering program.


The use of the audio clip to be used in the montage of videos, modify them in a unique and distinctive way, and produce them professionally.


You can record and shoot webcam, edit videos, share with your friends and create professional montage in an innovative way.


Icecream Screen Recorder supports many languages ​​such as Arabic, English, French and other other languages ​​that you can sister


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