Download Partition Master for computer and laptop with a direct link

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Download Partition Master for computer and laptop with a direct link


Download Partition Master for computer and laptop with a direct link last update for free 2021 Explain how to re-partition hard disk without formatting for Windows 7, 8 and 10, EaseUS Partition Master is one of the most famous programs in this field and it is developed by the famous EaseUS company which is specialized in Programming tools that help in controlling memory, such as the program to retrieve deleted data from the hard disk, which we have made a complete review before. EaseUS Partition Master to partition your hard disk without formatting while keeping the system without damage by following the following steps, you must first download the program for partitioning the hard disk for free from the links below the topic and then install and setup, after opening the program, all your hard drive data will appear for you As shown in the image below, all you have to do is go to the section you want to delete and make a selection and from the window on the left side choose Delete Partition.


Install the EaseUS Partition Master program for the computer and laptop, the latest release for free, 2021. The hard disk is the storage unit used in all computers and laptops, as it is the most common storage unit in all devices and there are two basic types of hard disk the first, which is the familiar mechanical hard disk called HDD and the new hard disk SSD Of course, the storage techniques differ from one hard drive to another, but they are consistent in the storage system, where the hard drive is divided into partitions according to the user's need, so that he allocates part of the hard drive to the operating system and the rest of the space, for example, for special files, or you can divide it as you wish to suit your use, and of course you can cancel the partition of the hard at any time And repartition it again and there are many ways to divide the hard, but it differs in the method of implementation and the effectiveness of each of them, as if you split the hard in the wrong way, this will lead to a great slowdown in the system and also affect the life of the hard itself, so you have to follow proper methods of dividing the hard without catching Damage to it, because there are many users who are looking for a way to partition a hard disk or how to partition a new hard disk or a hard partition program. Me or the method of partitioning the hard drive from Windows We have made a detailed explanation showing how you can divide the hard disk as you want for all versions of Windows without affecting the files in it where you can split the hard drive in Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 or any other version without formatting, if you Interested in knowing the method please read on carefully.


Download Partition Master for computer and laptop


There are many famous ways in which you can control the memory of the entire hard disk and divide it as you like. If you have Windows installed on your device and want to re-partition the hard disk completely without affecting the partition in which the operating system is located, you can do this easily by controlling some simple settings or Use a program dedicated to partitioning the hard disk, but if you have a new hard disk, you should get a Windows CD that allows you, when installed, to split the hard disk as it suits you. You can also use the famous DOS CDs that provide some portable programs that allow you to split the hard disk without deleting the data directly through The system, in today's explanation, we will fully highlight the method of dividing the hard disk using the most famous program in this field in order to provide users with an easy method without complication and by using free and uncomplicated programs that do not require much experience to use them.


When you finish deleting all the partitions that you want, an unused space will appear for you, which you have to divide again in order to benefit from this unused space. When you finish these steps, head to the toolbar where you will find the Apply tool, which applies the changes that you have made. By working on the hard disk, and the hard disk in the new partition became a device to use.


Features of EaseUS Partition Master Pro for computer and laptop


1.The possibility of merging: It is a very important feature in which you can merge more than one partition or section with each other with their entire contents in order to make better use of their space together and do not worry, the merging process will not affect the data in the sections in the hard drive.


2.The possibility of checking: Another very important feature is the hard disk scan, which helps you to bypass errors and corrupted data and the iPad sector of various kinds, as well as you can sometimes correct these errors by using the program easily, which of course has a great role in improving the performance of the hard drive.


3.Final deletion: a distinctive feature that is the ideal solution for someone who has data on his hard drive and wants to get rid of it for any reason such as selling or otherwise, as this feature allows you to completely destroy all files on the device so that it cannot be retrieved again in any way.


4.Hard defragmentation: A process that the program performs and aims to arrange the memory cells together in a way that allows the hard disk to read it in an orderly manner and without moving to more than one path at the same time, which effectively contributes to increasing the life of the hard disk while providing additional speed for it.


5.Hide Partition: In case you have confidential and very important files on your computer and want to hide them from intruders, then there is a feature in the program that allows you to completely hide the partition without it appearing on the computer or anyone can see it, and you can re-show it again using the same program.

Download EaseUS Partition Master for PC and Laptop


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