Download Security Eye program to control surveillance cameras

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Download Security Eye program to control surveillance cameras


Download the Security Eye program for computer and laptop with a direct link to the latest release for free 2021. We have seen the terrible development that has been shown in the world of technology in recent times, this development that has occurred in its parts and the technologies used in it and the operating system on which it works has had beautiful results, as it has become used in There are many diverse tasks and most of these tasks are needed by people are security, as it has become through the computer that you can control surveillance cameras. These cameras that we all need are used to secure your workplace, your store or your home. If something is stolen, you can During it knowing the thief and when he was stolen and thus retrieve it easily, just as governments use these cameras in the streets and highways in particular, so we present to you today one of the best programs that work on the computer and whose mission is to control the surveillance cameras. This program is Security Eye.


Install the Security Eye program for the computer and laptop, the latest update 2021.There are many programs that are released every year for the computer, but the most important programs are the protection programs, and most are the programs through which you can control the surveillance cameras through the computer, these programs give you complete freedom in Control the cameras, through the program, you can control more than one camera in more than one place at the same time, and this is only by controlling the camera's Ip, so you can know what you photograph and not only this, but you can record what you photograph and record it with you on the hard disk Thus, you can use the video at any time you want, for such things are very important to shopkeepers and factories everywhere, you will need more than one protection camera in the place and you will not buy a computer for each camera, but rather it is one main device on which all the cameras are recorded, but you will You need a program to control these cameras, so we will review one of these programs.


Download Security Eye for computer and laptop the latest update


Download the Security Eye program for computer and laptop with a direct link for free. The latest version to control the surveillance camera remotely. The Security Eye program was released at the end of 2017 in the month of September 9, and this program had a great demand from users who use surveillance cameras in their homes or stores. Released to work on the computer, it supports all versions of multiple Windows, this program is used to control surveillance cameras as it supports controlling more than one camera in more than one place at the same time and that easily, you can also record what the camera shoots on the hard disk of your device, You can also monitor what the camera is photographing directly, you are absolutely free to start or stop photography at any time you want, the program was released by Security Eye Software, this company famous in the world of protection and the industry of the best protection programs for the computer, and it also released a free program for devices, thus You do not need to pay to download the program.


Install the Security Eye application for computer and laptop for free, latest update 2021. It is worth noting that the Security Eye program has two uses, the first use is to control the camera connected to your device, that is, control the personal camera, the second use is to control an entire server in which many are connected The cameras and you can control all these cameras together at the same time without any problems through the Security Eye program, in addition to it contains tools to save what was recorded as you want and without any interference from you.


How to download any Security Eye program for computer and laptop


1. You initially download the program to your computer through the direct link at the bottom of the article.


2. A program is downloaded to you, but inside a zip file, so you right-click on it and choose Extract Here or Extract Here to unzip the file.


3. As a result of this step, a folder containing the program's installation file is produced.


4. You open the installation file and locate the installation location, then the program will start installing on your computer and laptop.


5. After completing the installation process, you open the program, and wait for it to start downloading only the first time for it.


6. After completing the download and opening the program, you click on Add Camera. A dialog box will appear for you by choosing the name and type of the camera and entering its IP to be added and connected to it.


7. There are many settings that you choose when adding a new camera, whether it is a webcam, an installed camera, or searching for the camera through the web.


8. You can also, through the Remove Select command, delete the selected camera.


9. Edit Select is used to edit the selected camera.


10. With the Media command, you search for previously recorded videos through the camera.


Advantages of downloading the Security Eye program


1. The program contains a simple graphical interface through which you can deal with it easily and without the need for experience.


2. The program gives you a report at the end if you connected or failed in the transfer process.


3. The program is free and there is no charge for downloading and installing it.


4. The program contains a simple graphical interface with all the menus that you wear and need while working on it.


5. You can control more than one camera in more than one place at the same time.


6. The software supports webcam and regular camera.


7. You can record what the camera is shooting and get the recording anytime you want.


8. You can modify or delete the camera that you added at any time.


9. You can search through the program on local cameras around you.

Download Security Eye for PC and laptop


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