Download SuperCopier to speed up copying and transferring files for PC and laptop

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Download SuperCopier to speed up copying and transferring files for PC and laptop


Download supercopier for PC and laptop with a direct link, the latest version for free 2021. To speed up the transfer and copying of files to the computer for free, the file transfer acceleration program The Windows operating system is characterized as an open system with an infinite number of features that cannot be counted. If you want to add a new feature, all you have to do is Download a program or application that does what you want, and this was one of the main reasons for the spread and success of this system, as it is used by millions around the world, and today we have one of the special programs that you can download on your device that enables you to transfer files very quickly, supercopier or Super Copy for PC is one of The free programs available for Windows that allow you to transfer files to and from disks very quickly compared to the traditional tool that comes with Windows, which is often slow in transferring files, so the Super Copy program has gained a very great popularity in the past period and its use is popular, especially with the operating system Windows XP makes moving and copying process significantly faster in Windows XP.


Downloading SuperCopier will be very useful if you are always transferring files to and from external disks. It will help you to accomplish these tasks easily instead of using the default program. There are many other programs that perform the same task as SuperCopier, such as TeraCopy, which also helps Great in accelerating the transfer to and from different disks, but you should know that there is a maximum speed for reading and writing and it cannot be exceeded by any program. If you suffer from slow copying and transfer in your device and used the copy acceleration program and nothing has changed, you should check the pieces, there may be a damaged piece or not working Well and as you know that all parts of the computer are connected to each other and affect each other very much, you can download the Super Copy program for Windows 7 with a direct link in addition to Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. For the program, where a set of different versions are available to suit all devices.


Download SuperCopier for PC and Laptop latest version for free 2021


In short, if you want to speed up the transfer and copying processes on your computer or laptop, you should now download the supercopier program for the computer for free, as it will do that task to the fullest, as the SuperCopier program sits at the top of the copy programs for Windows, if you always transfer your files to the flash drives External hard drives and you find them slow, all these problems will end once you install the copy accelerator program for the computer with a direct link, where the program divides the file you want to transfer into several different paths, each of them in very small sizes so that it is easy to transfer, because small files can be transferred faster than large files and you can Note that, for example, when you transfer a file size of 30 MB and another file size of 100 MB, it is natural to find that the transfer speed of the small file is much higher than the other, and this is precisely what the supercopier program for the computer does.


Advantages of installing the latest version of the super copyer program


1. Stop and resume: You can stop the transfer at any time and resume it later if you want to make any modification or anything else. This feature is very important as it enables you to fully control all the transfers and copies that you make on your device more accurately. For example, if you send File by error, or you are not sure that it is the file you want to send. You can stop sending until you are sure of it and complete it later.


2. Detailed information: The Super Copy program provides you with detailed information about each file you send, including the size of the file or folder, how long the copying or sending process will take, as well as the transmission or copying speed, which is measured in megabytes per second. This feature is useful if You want to know how long it will take for the file to reach the disk you want.


3. Very fast: The main feature of the “SuperCopy” program is the speed of copying and transferring, so it is natural that you find the program very fast in responding to commands as well. If we calculate the time required to transfer a file size of 1 GB using the Super Copier program, we will find it much faster Compared to any other program, because it is characterized by the speed of transferring files, whatever their size.


4. Sudden stop: This is a problem that everyone suffers from and it occurs when a sudden glitch occurs in the operating system or a power outage and other known reasons that in turn lead to the stopping of the copying or transfer process, but the Super Copy program provides you with a feature that enables you to complete all previous operations, whether Transferring, copying, or sending even after the power was cut off without any problem.


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