Download Gom Player for PC, Laptop and Mobile

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Download Gom Player for PC, Laptop and Mobile


Download Gom Player program for PC, laptop, Mac and mobile with a direct link, the latest version for free 2021, the video and audio player program GOM Player, which allows you to watch videos and movies on computers, and it is the best media player program in the field of media players and the most widely used around the world. It supports all video playback formats mpg, ts, avi, DivX, asx with the highest possible quality, and it is also possible to play audio clips from the Internet and supports audio file formats mp3, m4a, aac, ogg, flac and other popular formats found on the Internet and on Various devices, it is worth noting that the download of Gom Player is one of the best programs used to play audio files, as it is characterized by its small size and does not affect the device’s resources, nor does it take up space on the hard disk and has a simple interface with tools that are easy to deal with in viewing clips Videos and supports almost most languages ​​of the world, which makes this program spread among a large number of users and gain the trust and admiration of people, in addition to being a completely free program available for all versions Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista and there is a copy for Android phones and iPhones available on electronic stores, and the program enables you to display videos, control video size and convert texts to speech, and it has the ability to add external subtitles to movies, and it supports all file playback formats Audio and video, and you can take a screenshot of the screen while playing the video. In the latest version of this program, all the problems that exist when playing the videos have been fixed, and the Media Player program supports 360-degree video rotation, and 5 languages ​​have been added, namely Turkish, Italian, German, French and Portuguese, and all the problems of playing the audios that He was suffering from this most wonderful application, which is characterized by the purity of sound and clarity of the image when playing videos, and perhaps the main reason for using this program is that it is free, fast and light on devices and features many features that are not found in other video file playback programs, the GOM Player program allows you to control The speed of video playback and the repetition of certain scenes, and the screen can be photographed and special effects added to the video through the program interface that facilitates You have all this and more.


Download GOM Player for Android and iPhone with a direct link


Download Gom Player for mobile with a direct link, the latest version for free from the Play Store and from the Apple Store 2021. Multimedia programs such as GOM Player are among the most important programs that must be available to all users after the process of installing a new Windows system, because the built-in media player in Windows has become outdated and cannot Playing many new formats, and due to the increasing demand for such programs, many companies competed to develop a program that tops the list of multimedia programs, and many successful programs that we talked about previously appeared, such as “QQplayer - VLC media player - RealPlayer - KMPlayer - AIMP Player - Winamp.” All of these programs have the same basic task, which is to play media in all formats, but each program distinguishes a set of features and tools from others. When talking about a program with the strength and fame of GUM Player, we will need many pages to explain the features of this giant program, which has achieved wide fame in the past few years and won The admiration of millions of users around the world for its wonderful features and features, to illustrate the GOM Player program made by a giant Korean programming company, Gretech Corp. T was able to intelligently achieve all the requirements of users in a simple free program to play audio and video clips with ease and with continuous development and great effort from the developer, the number of users of the program reached more than 50 million per month in nearly 190 countries around the world and these numbers are constantly increasing.


GOM Video Converter


The free version of GOM Video Player specializes in converting video formats. The video converter is fast and easy to use. You can convert video to any format you want or to any ready-made you want without any complexity. It also supports many output formats for different devices, so it saves you from large format conversion programs that require A degree of experience may not be available to the average user, such as the Format Factory program, and it also does not affect the performance of the system during the conversion process, unlike other video conversion programs, and many wonderful features that you can discover on your own.


GOM Remote software


The idea of ​​the Remote GUM program is that you can control your computer through an application that you download to the mobile phone running Android or iPhone, and thus you can play movies and audio clips on your personal device remotely. The program is characterized as being safe, as no one but you will have the authority to enter To the device and control it, knowing that you can control the previous three applications together through the same program with ease in addition to being free as well.


GOM Player


The company did not forget the smart phones, which have become a large percentage around the world, exceeding 60%, so it provided the Gom Player program for Android compatible with the Android system in a way that combines simplicity and elegance and has all the features that we mentioned in the previous versions. You can download the program easily from the links below.


Features Gom Player for mobile, computer, laptop and Mac


This year, the company has provided five copies of the program, each of which differs from the other in its function, in a step to settle the competition in the field of media playback software. Media types, including audio and video files, supports various formats such as ( flv, mp4, mov, mpg, ts, avi, divx, asx, wmv, m4v, dat, ifo, vob, 3gp/3gp2, rm/rmvb, mkv, ogm Additional ) and (mp3, .m4a, .aac, .ogg, .flac, .wav), which is a completely free version that does not require you to activate a serial or the like, and is characterized by ease of use and simplicity of design that focuses on the basic function without complication, provides The program has many other great features that make it a great media player.


1. You can take pictures, the ability to take pictures from video at runtime easily without the need for other programs or add-ons, and then save them on your device with all available dimensions and quality.


2. Customize the interface, it is possible to customize the interface as you wish, where you can control the colors and the appearance of the entire interface by downloading new themes or modifying the default theme.


3. Audio capture, you can simply record audio from a specific video that you play on the program and then save it to your disk, too, without the need for add-ons or programs.


4. Codec finder, codec or formats finder This is a wonderful feature that allows the program to detect any format when you play a video or audio clip with a strange extension, so the program will search for it automatically to get the playback package.


Requirements to run Gom Player for PC and Laptop


To run the program, you must have a Windows operating system with a free RAM space of 16 MB or more, a hard disk space of 25 MB, and a Pentium or AMD processor with a frequency of 1 GB or more.


Download Gom Player for Android, iPhone, PC, Laptop and Mac



Download GOM Player for Android


Download GOM Player for iPhone


Download GOM Player for PC,Laptop and Mac


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