Download Selfishnet for PC and Laptop with a direct link

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Download Selfishnet for PC and Laptop with a direct link


Then download Selfishnet for PC and laptop with a direct link, the latest update for free 2021. It gives you the ability to control the speed of your home Internet or corporate Internet, as it distributes Internet megabytes fairly and as much as you want it to all those connected to the same network, as the Internet in the current era is not It is indispensable, and there is no home or institution that does not use the Internet to accomplish many tasks, but one of the users may be exposed to injustice in using the Internet and slow network access to his computer or phone, as there are some transactions made on the network that cause the speed of withdrawal The entire Internet. If you share with the neighbors in the building, or there are many people inside the house who are subscribed to one router, you must download Selfish Net in order to be able to control the policy of distributing the Internet fairly to everyone, because downloads are via torrent or Internet Download Manager in One of your subscribers on the same network will withdraw the entire network, or when you play, play online, or watch some videos on YouTube or other other platforms, all of this contributes In withdrawing the entire Internet speed from all other parties participating on the same network, so the installation of the program determines the percentage of megabytes for each device so that no individual takes more than his right and withdraws the Internet from others, so the Selfishnet program is considered essential on all devices Windows.


Download SelfishNet to control the speed and distribution of the Internet for PC and laptop


Download Selfishnet is one of the most useful programs that you must have on your computer to manage Internet speed and distribute it fairly to all shared devices on the same router or the same web. It is very similar to the famous Net Cut web control program, but it remains the best in terms of use and design Simple and uncomplicated tools, and Selfish Net wanted to match this program, but it has so far been in second place after it and will not be able to compete until the present time, but it can be said that Selfish Net is one of the most famous Internet programs that works efficiently on networks wired or wireless as it enables you to control the speed of Internet access to other networks shared with you or to cut it permanently for a temporary period, in addition to the ability to read all the data of the networks of other users shared with you on the same router or network, in terms of the IP address or the default Mac address of any A device that allows you to clip the network for any user easily, in addition to determining the speed that reaches each of them.


A brief introduction to SelfishNet


Selfishnet Internet speed control program gives you speed control for uploading platforms in a separate party and also control of download speeds and other other advantages that you will enjoy once you install SelfishNet on the device, but knowing that this program may make you disconnect the network from all devices, including your device You without knowing, so be careful and learn how to use it well before downloading it to your computer and laptop, because the wrong use of it may lead to problems in the mechanism of its use and its tools and its wrong employment as well. It is worth mentioning that the selfishnet download program has a small and light size on devices, It contains many relatively uncomplicated tools, where each tool has a specific function that it performs to the fullest, and it is available for free that you can download easily through the official website of the company programmed for it, or by visiting our website and clicking on the direct link below the topic, knowing that The available version only works on devices that support the Windows operating system only, and no version has been released for Mac devices yet, but the company promised that it will launch a version for the Mac soon, but it has not yet been released. No date set yet.


How to download SelfishNet for PC and Laptop


1. It is better to have the Winrar program for compressing and decompressing files installed on your computer or laptop, because the program is available on the site in a compressed form, all you have to do is click on the link and within seconds it will be downloaded, choose a place for it inside one of the CDs And then click on the save button.


2. The icon will appear compressed in the place you chose for it, right-click with the mouse and then click on the word Extract here.


3. A file with the name of the program will appear after the decompression process. When you click on it twice in a row, a copy of the program will appear for each version according to your computer operating system, where there is a copy for Windows XP and another for Windows 7 or later, click on The right file for you.


4. After that, click on the file name shown in the image below in order to start the installation process.


5. Follow the usual installation procedure by clicking the Run button at the beginning and then pressing the Next button all the way to the end, then you can start using the program immediately without any problem.


How to use SelfishNet for PC and Laptop


Selfish Net program to distribute megabytes to all participants in fair proportions, because each one of us's use of the World Wide Web is different from the other according to the nature of his work or the way he uses the network, so it is necessary to know what the screen interface includes in order to work how to benefit from it, and the interface will appear as next one:-


Network icon: By clicking on this icon in the upper left bar, you can see all the devices that connect to the same web, that is, subscribers with you on the same connection or router.


Speed ​​icon: It is through which you can control the speed of each device. The device will appear to you in the list after clicking on the previous icon, but be aware that after setting the speed, you must click on this icon in order to save the changes you made.


X icon: This button deletes all the adjustments you made to the Internet speed of each device, as it works exactly the opposite of the previous icon.


Pc Name: This list displays the names of the devices that share the same router with you in an orderly and organized manner.


IP List: It is one of the advantages of the Selfish Net program for computers and laptops, as it detects the IP address of each device that connects with you on the same network.


Mac Address List: It is the list that displays the detailed address of each device. It is very similar to the previous tool, but each device has its own IP and MAC address, and this program displays each of them so that all the details are in your hands.


Download speed: It is through which you can monitor the download speed of users for some files and the number of megabytes used in downloads only.


Upload speed: It is very similar to the previous tool, but it checks the speed of files that are uploaded to the Internet platform, which is related to each user shared with you on the same network separately.


Download Cap Control: Through this box, you can control the speed and download packages of users, where you can put a certain number of kilobytes, for the user is free to download from websites until it ends, after that he will not be able in any way From uploading again, all from within the SelfishNet interface.


Control the upload speed Upload Cap: Through this tool, you can also control the speed of uploading files to any site over the web, and when you specify this, the user will not be able to use more than the limited megabytes.


Block List: It is the list through which you can block or exclude any user from the list of subscribers with you on the same network, by clicking on the empty box next to the name of the device or computer of each user, so he will not be able to open the Internet at all except After returning the web to it again by clicking again on the same box.


Features Selfishnet for PC and Laptop


1. It is characterized by a light and simple size, one of its most distinguished features is that it is very light and does not require a large free space inside the computer's CD-ROM. It is also very light and does not consume a lot of device resources and does not negatively affect the laptop battery and does not drain it quickly Absolutely, so it is a distinctive and useful program without compromising the device and its internal space.


2. The ability to control the speed of the Internet, in many cases some children use the same web as your network and of course they download and watch many videos from the video platform or play online for some different games, which affects the speed of the Internet and hinders the completion and completion of all Your business is on the web, so SelfishNet for PC came to solve this easily by controlling the speed of the Internet, whether uploading or downloading for each user connected with you on the same network, thus achieving a fair use policy for everyone connected to the same network better.


3. Easy-to-use interface, the program includes a very simple interface far from any complicated commands or tools. It consists of about 8 columns for each command or tool column through which you can know the name of the users connected with you on the same network, your IP address, your Mac, and the speed All you have to do is control the speed of others in terms of downloading or uploading, in addition to the ability to ban some users from using the network for a temporary period until the completion of a task and then return the Internet to him by removing the ban, all of this is done in a manner More smooth and easy.


4. The program supports many versions of Windows, the program is very good and suitable for many versions of Windows as it works efficiently on all devices running XP and Vista, one of the most famous old versions of Windows, in addition to providing a special version that works well for Windows 7, 8 or 10 .


5. Know who is connected to the network, with this application you can reveal all the names of the devices of the people connected on your network, and in this way it can show you the name of the device, the name of the IP and the Mac as well.


6. Full control of the Internet speed, in addition to the fact that you can control the speed of the Internet in a clear and fast way, that is, you can control the speed of each device and you are the one who divides the speed in an equal manner.


7. A light and easy-to-use program, an ideal program through which you can use it as easily as possible, as its area is only one megabyte, and it does not affect the device's resources and consumes them, as it does not require installation on your computer.



8. Application compatibility, this application is fully compatible with different versions of Windows starting from Windows XP to Windows 10, and this application works efficiently and without any errors of any kind, in addition to that it is easy to use and download and its space is very small, and it is also available for download for all users from the whole world.


9. Device support, this application supports many different versions of the Windows system, and through this application you can control the speed of downloads and uploads for mobile devices such as Android and iPhone, and thus you can block any device from your Internet with ease.


10. The size of the program. This application is easy to use and small in internal space. It does not consume resources and does not affect the applications of the device, as its size does not exceed 2 MB.


11. Reducing Internet consumption, as the main reason for this application is to reduce Internet consumption so that you can get this application, and availability in your Internet, in addition to the fact that you can detect people who upload large files or download many files Or also access to various YouTube videos.



Download SelfishNet for PC and Laptop


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