Download Star Wars for PC, Laptop, Mac and Mobile

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Download Star Wars for PC, Laptop, Mac and Mobile


Download Star Wars game for Android and iPhone with a direct link, the latest version, for free from the Play Store and from the Apple Store 2021. The wonderful and intergalactic wars in space, download the Star Wars game for Android, the game was officially launched in 2015, where through the multiple stages of the game you form a combat team that includes the most famous characters in the movie series at all, there are two ways to assemble the fighting team of favorite characters It is for you by paying money to buy characters or collecting a large number of points by winning combat battles and accumulating many points that will allow you to buy many wonderful characters, wonderful fighting tools, etc.


Star Wars game for Android and iPhone latest version for free


Download the Star Wars mobile game with a direct link, the latest update for free 2021. Although the game is mainly combative, it has an important tactical part, where during the game and during each battle you can choose the offensive movement you want, and determine the enemy you attack from among the characters of the enemies In front of you, each of your team's characters, whoever they are, initially gets two stars out of five in the power meter, and one of the goals that you must achieve in order to move to advanced stages is to make your team's characters more powerful, it is definitely one of the great games that exist at the moment You can start downloading and enjoying it through your mobile phone.


Star Wars game for PC, laptop and Mac latest version for free


Downloading the game Star Wars for PC, laptop and Mac is one of the most interesting games that have been downloaded in abundance in recent times. Star Wars or in Arabic Star Wars is a beautiful RPG game designed by Electroinic Arts for Android and published for free in Google Play, the latest version of the game to facilitate You have to search and download it! In the game “Star Wars: Galaxy of Hero” where you can take on a wide range of famous characters such as Luke Skywalker, Hunter Solo, Duth Warder and more. Get involved with players around the world! Build the most powerful characters in your battlefield with the available characters and use the best tactics in your battle to win the battlefields in various locations and become a legendary leader of the galaxies! In addition to the main characters in the game, there are also Star Wars: The Force Awakens characters that can be unlocked and used in battles! If you are a fan of Star Wars games, there is no doubt that this game will catch your eye.


Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes game has so far been downloaded more than ten million times by users of Google Play and Apple Store and received a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 by users. Today, our honorable visitor, we present to you the latest version of the game from a copy, but you can first view the images and the trailer of the game And in the end, if you like it, you can download it with a direct and free link, to play the game you need the Internet and it has data that is downloaded early and during the game.


Star Wars game features for mobile, computer, laptop and Mac


1. Downloading the Star Wars game is one of the wonderful fighting games available at the present time and taken from the world of the famous Star Wars films, and the game is considered one of the best fighting games out there, as you can download it from different electronic download platforms for different operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone and many computers and laptops, as you can get the game completely free, Star Wars Apk


2. Star Wars game contains a lot of wonderful characters, which amount to more than 140 characters available in the game that you can choose between them. Which you can choose and enjoy playing with, the Star Wars game also contains 3. Within the game there are many wonderful combat weapons and combat equipment that you can use on the battlefield to kill your enemies and instantly fight.


4. The Star Wars game contains many levels, which number up to 85, which differ in the degree of difficulty, where you can play in the next level when you win the current level and when you win each level and achieve the goal required of you. The game gives you many wonderful prizes and many points that You can collect them and buy various characters, weapons and equipment.


5. Star Wars is not based on fighting only, there are many situations in the battles in which you must make some tactical decisions that will help your team to win the battle.


6. Within the game, you must assemble your team and train it well so that the team becomes one of the strongest teams and also you must reach advanced stages so that you can get many wonderful characters that are available when you reach a certain level or collect a certain number of points .


7. When you download the Star Wars game, you can share playing with your friends. When you register in the game, you can choose to register by registering on a social networking site so that it is easy to communicate with your friends, play with them and share your own achievements on social networking sites.


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