Download Internet Explorer 11 for PC and Laptop

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Download Internet Explorer 11 for PC and Laptop 


Internet Explorer 11: Hello and welcome, dear followers and visitors to the jawakerr website for free programs, games and applications. Today we will talk about one of the most important Internet browsers, which is the Internet Explorer program, which was produced by Microsoft and included in the Microsoft software operating system to work on Windows. It has become one of the most used programs due to There are many versions and versions of this program available for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista and supports many languages. It is one of the most used program since 1992 AD. You can now download Internet Explorer for PC and laptop with a direct link, the latest version for free 2021. Which is done It is constantly updated and many copies of it are issued to work on Mac OS X and Malik or Isosolaris to work on the desktop as this application contains a free web browser interface with all tools for download and search available and supports Microsoft policy and includes all programs produced by Microsoft On its versions of Windows, all the problems that users were facing in the old versions have been resolved in order to compete with the browser Internet Explorer 11, the Google Chrome web browser and Firefox browser, a completely new download manager has been added and many other capabilities such as adding websites to the Windows taskbar, changing the program interface and the tab system that speeds up the browser while dealing with it, in addition to downloading the Internet Explorer 11 browser. It is completely free and available to all people on all devices. It also maintains user privacy and works on all types of computers with all capabilities so that people can enjoy high browsing speed.

Internet Explorer 11 browser

As you know, Internet Explorer 11 is one of the oldest and most famous global Internet browsers ever, as this browser has spread all over the world on all versions of Windows and won the admiration of users. This browser was developed by Microsoft to include all the new features in the browser Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera and combines all new tools that serve the user when browsing the Internet, the fastest and most secure Internet Explorer browser ever, which is installed by default with all versions of Windows, which has a changed interface and the addition of forward and back navigation buttons in Windows, which supports web standards such as graphics Animated CSS, HTML5 spell-checking and JavaScript modules that have been completely improved. This program also updates itself automatically and supports the integrated Adobe Flash Player program and isolates the browser from the rest of the computer operating system and prevents the appearance of annoying ads that may cause damage to the device and the entry of some viruses into it and works on The operating system is fast without consuming device resources or RAM until you browse websites The new Internet Explorer 11 browser received support and development by Microsoft and got the automatic ad blocker that the company added to the browser, and the VPN feature was added, which makes the use of the Internet without restrictions completely freely because in Some countries block some important websites for security reasons, and in this update, many improvements have been included that fill gaps and increase the features in the browser.

Information about installing the latest Internet Explorer 11 browser

After the release of many copies of Windows for computers and laptops, and after the continuous development of Internet browsers, the idea of ​​​​working, designing and programming the Internet Explorer 11 browser began to compete with the rest of the browsers that occupied the first ranks in this field and solve all the problems that users faced in previous versions, which is Internet Explorer 9 , Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 and the release of the new version, which is Internet Explorer 11 Windows 7, all in order for the browser to do all the tasks performed by Firefox and Google Chrome browsers, and flash and Java programs were added to this browser and the search engine was improved Its own in order to work in the Arabic language and be free from errors and people rely on it to browse the Internet for the computer because it is available in many versions as we mentioned and is suitable for both 64-bit and 32-bit cores and supports all smartphone systems running Android and IOS in order to browse all news, cultural, educational and sports websites And you look at all the news at a very fast speed while browsing and while downloading, because the Internet Explorer Explorer program rar works completely free, easily and simply and contains all the advantages that people benefit from during use. It also has a favorite list feature through which you can add many sites so that you can return to these sites at any time later, in addition to complete security and privacy and detects all errors And processing them automatically and saving files and Internet pages, as we mentioned that it is a light browser on the device that does not consume hardware resources and works automatically on all copies of Windows by default.

Download Internet Explorer 11 for PC and Laptop

After downloading the latest version of Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7, you can access the search box, the list of shortcuts, various web addresses, your download list, know your last browsing history, add-ons, sync, change settings, and other various things such as spell checking, the PDF reader built into the program, and specify the location. The program also allows you to block annoying pop-ups, in addition to the feature that tracks changes and continuous updates to the selected sites in order to keep in touch with the changes that occur in them. To visit these sites, the suggested and recommended sites for you are also shown on the browser interface and the secret review so that you save your data, profiles and files in complete safety so that you browse the Internet in protection from hackers and malicious programs, and Internet Explorer 9 has additional tools such as speed and services Various internet, search and spelling feature so you can access your favorites from Wag This program that supports all sites for free.

How to Run Internet Explorer 11 on PC and Laptop Windows 7

If you have a computer or laptop and want to run Internet Explorer 11 on it, you must have the following capabilities on your device:

Processor: The computer must be running a 1MHz 32-bit or 64-bit processor, depending on the device.

Operating system: The computer must have Service Pack 1 (SP1) or later.

Memory: The computer must have 512 MB of memory or Windows Server 2008 R2 MB.

Hard disk: The hard disk must be from 70 to 120 MB in order for the program to run directly.

Other capabilities: The drive must be compressed, the screen must be working with a high resolution that includes 256 colors, and the device used must be connected to the Internet or supported by Microsoft so that you can enjoy a safe, effective and fast browser on all sites.

How to download Internet Explorer 11 to Windows 7 for free

It is worth noting that in the latest version of Windows 10, this program was installed by Microsoft on Windows as the default browser, but for people who use Windows 7, it is necessary to download the original version of the Internet Explorer browser on their computer, as it is available for Windows 8 and Windows 7, where inside it includes All extensions such as programs, games and applications that provide all services to the user that can be downloaded with a direct link through the browser and so that you can register your own account on the browser so that you can download many things and add programs to the browser and block some sites that you want to block, it is an integrated website Inside it has all the things through which you can access technology, sports and news to know the temperatures and watch videos and exclusive movies and files and everything that is new on social networks and on the Internet in general. It shows you all the exclusive news around the world and you can change the language of the browser even It works in any language you want to reach all entertainment, news and Arabic sites and be in constant contact with a brother Ball bar and exclusive news.

Features of Internet Explorer 11 for PC and Laptop

1. Speed ​​and power while browsing, IE11 browser works very quickly because it is responsible for the JavaScript engine to be the best web browser, where the issue of compatibility standards has been ended and it supports HTML5 and CSS3 and works with great performance and provides the capabilities of websites such as a download manager that is similar to a Firefox download manager and many things Other features that we will mention in the next lines of this browser.

2. It is available completely free of charge, as we mentioned that many versions of Windows 7 have been released, and you can download any of them for free. You can download Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 for free with a direct link, and download Internet Explorer 9 for Windows 7 the latest version and many other versions available with a link Mubasher is the latest version of this browser that works fast on surfing the internet.

3. Supports many languages, this program works on all computer operating systems Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 10 and also supports different languages, including Arabic, Spanish, German, English, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Czech, Arabic, French, Japanese, Greek, which you can use any language for free by changing it from the settings.

4. Very light on devices, it is worth noting that Internet Explorer works as the default browser on all versions of Windows, but Windows 7 has modified its version and downloaded a new light version on the device that does not consume devices and its resources and gives the user a safe browsing of the Internet and enables them to access the Social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube provide it with a powerful search engine through which all sites can be accessed to watch movies and videos.

5. Ease of use, all users can deal with the Internet Explorer browser in all its versions, and everyone can surf the Internet at high speed through this famous browser that competes with Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera and performs all operations quickly and contains new features and tools that can be used when using the Internet in addition to The program can be downloaded and installed on the device in a very short time, as it works on all new and old devices without any problems.

6. Browser interface, Internet Explorer provides Windows 7 users with many new features, including the program interface, which includes all the tools that can be used and displays all the sites that may interest you and the distinguished sites on the web in addition to the search box through which all sites can be found What you're looking for that also does a spell check and does a great job.

7. It also supports Adobe Flash, in this version of Internet Explorer 11 the latest version of Windows 7 supports the feature of the Flash Player plugin and the Do Not Track feature has been added through which you can disable targeted ads, which you can control through the settings so that the program works to save your data It does not display pop-ups that may bother you and prevents viruses and hackers from accessing your files and many other things that you will find after downloading the Internet Explorer 11 browser for PC and laptop for free, the latest version from the official website.

Download Internet Explorer 11 for PC and Laptop for free 2021

The most important section of our topic came today, which is the presentation of links to download Internet Explorer 11 for free on the jawakerr website to work on computers and laptops with different operating systems with quick direct links through the official site of Microsoft.


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