Download Jetaudio for PC and Mobile with a direct link 2021

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Download Jetaudio for PC and Mobile with a direct link 2021


Download Jetaudio for PC and Mobile, the latest version for free, Jetaudio 2021 is one of the most popular media playback programs due to its features that came from nearly twenty years of long experience, as this program is developed by a large team of programmers and developers with great experience In this field, their only goal is to access a multimedia program or media player that users admire and make it the main player, in addition to being one of the oldest programs in this field, it is also following the scientific development in the phone sector, where the team did not forget the share of smart phones from this program They have developed a version that is compatible with the Android systems for phones and tablets and IOS for the iPhone, and downloading and downloading the Jet Audio program has many great features and features that fulfill the user’s desires in full in the Media program, as it was developed based on many experiences and every year this experience increases more and with it increases creativity More and more, in addition, the program has an alarm feature, through which the program can be set to close after a specified time, and this feature is needed by many users of programs If the media is watching videos at night or playing audio files and they want to turn it off automatically.

Download jetAudio to play video for PC, Laptop and Mac

Git Audio Player is one of the best and most important applications for playing videos and audio files on computers, laptops and Macs. It is characterized by many features, tools and advantages that make it a great place among users. It plays all video clips and movies and supports various formats and extensions for video and audio, and it is fast. It plays these files and contains effects that make the process of playing videos on the computer better than before, in addition to the main program interface through which you can watch movies and video clips, listen to music, browse files on the screen, play multiple clips in succession automatically, control the volume and turn off To play these clips, the jetAudio program comes with full force, as it works in many languages, including English, and download Jet Audio Player for free with a direct link, the latest update without paying any fees or subscription to use the services it provides, including that it supports WAV, MP3 audio files and MPG, AVI video files , WMV, OGG, and through this application you can record audio through the microphone and create playlists Play audio and video files and play them through this most wonderful application without the need for other programs.


Download and download jetAudio 10.8.0, the latest update for PC, laptop and Mac. It works on all versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. It is a light program that does not take up space on the hard disk and does not have any annoying ads, and it is the best program that gives you great performance that enables you to Managing video clips and audio files in various formats on computers. It provides an integrated package of codecs that help in the process of running such files, in addition to the high quality with which it works. Subtitles can be added to movies, playback of a group of video clips in a row, and full control over them through the tools that It is displayed on the main screen.

Download Jetaudio for Android and iPhone with a direct link

After installing Jetaudio for mobile, we can say that jet audio is one of the best multimedia players used in the process of playing videos, audio and movies in various formats. It is also a simple and easy program that does not require prior learning and can record audio and is compatible with all operating systems Windows and smart phone operating systems, and it has a timer through which you can play different clips and stop autoplay after a certain period of time that you control, the Jet Audio Player program allows you to modify playlists and has tools that help in the process of amplifying and raising the sound and control Speed ​​and add entire albums from inside the computer and run them at once in order to work automatically on this program, which contains the podcast feature through which you can listen to audio files on the Internet. You can also control video settings, convert formats, burn audio CDs, and add effects to them. And get to run radio channels inside the computer or laptop, improve the sound quality, and change the shape of the background of the program We recommend using it on computers and mobiles through our personal experience of this wonderful application.

Jet Audio is a complete program for mobile and computer

The program topped the list of the most downloaded multimedia programs for this year, as it was among the top ten most downloaded programs, and this in itself is a great success, but this success did not come from a vacuum or just by chance, but it deserved it because of the tools and features it contains, which we will talk about in detail in the coming lines.

The interface, when talking about the interface of this program can only be described as wonderful because you really will not feel bored at all with this interface that has been designed in a wonderful way that allows the user to customize and modify it as he wants and this is according to simple options that can be dealt with with ease as you can download themes Ready to install and switch between them whenever you want to do so you will find many free interfaces offered for free download on the Internet.

Performance, the program has a very smooth and fast performance. You will not feel any spasm or impact on the system when you run the program even if you are working on other programs at the same time. This is due to the smart design and programming method in which the program was made, where it was taken into account that the program does not consume From any of the RAM or the processor like other media programs, thanks to the small size that does not exceed 30 MB, with a program of this size, your system cannot be affected in any way, no matter what its specifications.

Audio and recording, a great feature in the Jet Audio 2021 Arabic program, which is the possibility of recording directly from the program without the need to add or other programs as it allows you to record audio from your microphone. Not only this, but there is another great feature where you can put effects on the sound to make it stronger or Less sharpness and more settings that you can adjust to reach an ideal audio clip. You can also hear the sound in 3D or adjust it to come out from only one direction, and a lot you can discover when using the program yourself.

Video, when talking about the main function of the program, which is to play the video, we must mention the creativity here in its entirety. This is represented by the full support for various playback formats. The program also boasts a very high playback quality and can play videos in HD FULL in a wonderful way. While preserving the colors and dimensions, you will notice this simply when you compare the program with one of the other multimedia programs.

File data, you can make changes to the metadata that is inside each audio or video clip, such as adding the artist name, year of release, album name, etc. You can also add a thumbnail for the song and many other details in order to be able to arrange them in an organized manner in your library and this is a feature It is available only in a few programs in the same field, and this feature can be used by those who produce their own music as a hobby and want to retain their rights to it, and with a sound processor in the program, you have a whole studio for free. Isn't that great.

Subtitles, the subtitle feature is available in most media players and has been available for a long time, but the program outperforms its competitors by supporting all subtitle extensions such as "smi, .srt, .sub, .psb, .ssa, .idx, .usf, .xss". This makes the matter of subtitling a movie that you want to enjoy very easy. All that is required of you is to get the appropriate subtitle file, then put it in the movie folder and enjoy watching the movie.

Compatible, as I mentioned at the beginning of the topic that the program has become available for smart phones and this is a great thing so that you can get all the features of the program for the computer on the mobile, where you can now download Jet Audio for Android and iPhone for free with ease, from the links below how much the program supports all sizes Monitors such as tablets and small devices.

Timer, and this is another great feature, which is a great addition to the latest version of the Jet Audio program, where you can play an audio clip or a specific video clip, and after its completion, the program closes itself or performs several other actions such as locking your device or putting it in hibernation mode as you can Using this feature to set a specific time that works with the program and then automatically closes itself without your intervention.

You can copy "media" files, or in other words, burn them on a floppy disk "CD, DVD".

The program provides a smooth transition process between the clips and some of them so that you do not feel a break between them, by merging the end with the beginning.

You can create playlists with the media you love so that you can play them in one go without the trouble of searching for them.

The program provides the feature of searching for information in the event that the program reads a strange type of file that it cannot distinguish.

The program provides easy shortcuts from the keyboard to perform tasks in a quick way, such as raising or lowering the volume or filling the screen.


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