Download SoftMaker Office for PC and Mobile 2021

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Download SoftMaker Office for PC and Mobile 2021

Download SoftMaker Office for your computer and you can download the program for laptop and Mac with a direct link, the latest version for free with the latest update 2021. SoftMaker Office is also one of the distinguished and promising programs in dealing with text files, presentations and spreadsheets, and it is a strong competitor to the famous Microsoft Office program, The program works on many different operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux, which helped to spread it all over the world. The program includes components that are similar in use to Microsoft Office components where it is compatible with Microsoft Office, the program works to achieve many desired results quickly and effectively where you can deal with Daily correspondence quickly as it is important for large segments of society members where you can use it by students, academics, employees, employees and people to get a lot of work done, and there are many tools such as the built-in address book, automatic tags for foldable pages and attractive document templates that make opening and modifying writing pages easier and smoothly while saving a lot of time.

Download SoftMaker Office for Android with a direct link

The program is suitable for all users of computers, laptops and Macs, whether professionals or beginners in dealing with computers, in addition to the possibility of using it by adults and children. You can also download the program for Android phones, which helps the program to create flyers, attractive posters and invitation cards through the use of Advanced desktop publishing functions, the program provides a lot of comprehensive tools for academic work such as arranging references, adding annotations to images, indexes, tables of contents and tables of figures, and providing a spelling checker feature that detects spelling errors in more than 75 languages ​​and works to fix them at the same moment that you In writing, TextMaker provides you with a word counter, which helps you identify the exact size of your documents by knowing the number of words and sentences, you can translate sentences smoothly and get synonyms for words correctly, you can via the Internet identify the terms from the document and search for it in a large number of dictionaries and online encyclopedias.

Information about SoftMaker Office latest update

It is worth mentioning that you can work with colleagues in modifying a single document by making the modifications in the right margin of the document page and after reviewing it and reviewing it from your friends you can confirm or reject the modifications, you can add images, graphics and frames to the texts, which earns it a lot of magnificence, you can control the quality of the images Added in the TextMaker 2021 file and adding effects and attractive frames to it, in addition to the ability to cut images to get rid of unwanted parts, the program works to protect your files by placing watermarks on pages, whether they are repeated words or graphics.

Download SoftMaker Office for PC, Laptop and Mac

After downloading and installing the Soft Maker Office program for PC, laptop and Mac, you can control the background of the different cells by coloring the background of the cells with distinctive colors. You can also give groups linked to each other a distinctive color for ease of dealing with large data. You can convert regular numbers into attractive graphs and media charts where you can choose Among the 80 different types of 2D and 3D charts, the program provides a lot of shapes and geometric shapes that facilitate the communication of information and data such as the possibility of drawing numbers in the form of different geometric shapes such as circles, lines, curves, etc., the program provides a lot of effects such as shadows, transparencies and light effects To suit your taste, you can specify which pages are needed for printing by previewing the new page break.

The tool used in SoftMaker Office

1. TextMaker tool: supports opening documents created by the program in Microsoft Office. You can also open Word files with ease on TextMaker. Through the program, you can create high-quality PDF files in addition to converting files that are important to you into archival PDF files To save your documents for long periods of time and create amazing e-books in EPUB format.

2. PlanMaker Tool: It supports the creation of spreadsheets in a smooth and professional manner. You can open Excel pages using and convert tables into high-quality PDF pages. It is an easy-to-use tool if you have worked with Excel and has a user interface that is very similar to Excel in addition to the availability of many functions The new account, you can create the table The table that includes thousands of rows and columns, which is suitable for all work, whether it includes little data or large data, you can see the mathematical operations that you perform to follow the entry of data on the spreadsheets.

3. Presentations tool: supports the creation of powerful presentations that suit your work and studies, you can run presentations on top of Microsoft PowerPoint and vice versa, presentations that work on Windows and Mac operating systems allow you to create movie files with great quality, and support the creation of distinctive presentations effortlessly, you can Inserting images and text into slides while controlling the quality of images and adding effects to them. The program provides a large variety of attractive design templates that you can use to create your own wonderful presentations. You can switch between various color schemes and different slide layouts in the sidebar with your mouse. To create unique presentations.

SoftMaker Office Features for Mobile and PC

The program provides you with a lot of unique templates that help you create unique presentations with a modern interface and offers countless wonderful animations that you can add inside presentations, OpenGL provides quick slide transitions that turn every presentation into an eye-catching, you can create slides Beautiful and informative with graphics, tables, and charts Your presentations can include plenty of audio, videos, and spoken comments at the touch of a button TextArt helps you create attractive logos using built-in AutoShapes and underlining important sentences Support The feature of controlling slide changes, whether manually or under the control of the timer, you can present a distinctive presentation to your audience by providing two screens, one that appears to the audience and the other appears to you and includes the important information that must be presented during the performance of the presentation.

Features of SoftMaker Office for Mobile and PC

1. Create text files, presentations and spreadsheets, compatible with Microsoft Office components.

2. Create high-quality PDF files and amazing e-books in EPUB format.

3. The program provides many tools such as the built-in address book and attractive document templates, suitable for all computer users.

4. Providing you with a lot of comprehensive tools for academic work such as ordering references and others.

5. The presence of a word counter to identify the exact size of your documents and the possibility of working in the modification of a single document.

6. Add images, graphics and frames to texts and put watermarks on PDF pages.

7. Create professional spreadsheets through PlanMaker tool and convert the tables into a high-quality PDF system.

8. Control the background of different cells and convert regular numbers into attractive graphs and informational charts.

9. Providing two-dimensional and three-dimensional charts, a lot of geometric shapes, and the presence of many effects such as shadows, transparencies, and light effects.

10. Create great quality movie files and insert images and texts into slides with control over the quality of the images.

11. Switch between various color schemes and different slide layouts, and provide a lot of unique templates that help create unique presentations.

12. Slide transitions to turn your presentation into eye-catching.

13. Use graphics, tables, and charts to create beautiful slides and control slide changes, either manually or under timer control.

Download SoftMaker Office for PC, Laptop, Mac and Android


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