Download WeChat for mobile and PC with a direct link

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Download WeChat for mobile and PC with a direct link

Download WeChat application for Android and iPhone with a direct link, the latest version for free 2021. WeChat for PC, laptop, and Mac chat program Text messages, free video calls and voice calls, which is a program that allows the user to communicate with people and send and receive audio and video text messages. And the various comments with people. It is a complete social networking site that enables you to add a lot of people to it and you can search for anyone you want through the program. In addition, it is completely free. You can download Wechat Messenger for free, in full Arabic, through the links below for all devices, as it is an easy-to-use program, its size Small contains distinctive tools that benefit the user and can be used In sending pictures and files.

Information about the WeChat for mobile and computer

Downloading and downloading WeChat is the best and most popular application because it is a simple program used by anyone, as it has many functions available to everyone for free. It is a messaging and communication application that enables the user to communicate with family members and all friends around the world, in addition to that it combines various features found in Other chat programs with beautiful artistic touches and other additions related to text messaging (SMS/MMS), through which you can make voice calls and video calls with great HD quality, share various images and various files at a high internet speed, and you can also create chat groups with up to more than 500 people One person and make group video calls you and 9 people in one free, high-quality video call without interruption anywhere in the world, and one of the features that makes the program different from others is that you can make free calls to landlines and mobile phones, but this service is available in certain areas only The program also displays animated stickers and expresses feelings and notes that you can share, and you can also put your personal photos on the program's interface A complete social networking site with many additions and capabilities not found in others.

Download WeChat app for Android and iPhone

After downloading the WeChat mobile program, the application helps you communicate with all people via the Android phone and iPhone, and you can send and receive individual and group messages, photos and videos, in addition to information about your location (GPS), and you can send quick voice messages while navigating within the program just like WhatsApp and you can share things with Your friends such as your geographical location, files and different images in various formats. You can also call any landline around the world and share your memories, favorite places and photos with your friends. The process of downloading stickers has become fun because there are free animated stickers that you can download on the program for free without any costs, and it is a special program It is really the easiest way to add friends from your area. It works as a radar around the friends who are with you in the same place and who use the program so that you can create a group chat with more than 500 people and you can also from within the program settings to modify privacy and not to appear annoying ads in addition to that the program displays things your favorites and your posts and displays all the stickers you use and strengthens It searches for people near you so that you can find anyone you are looking for.

Introduction to WeChat 2021

WeChat is a Chinese-origin application launched by the Chinese company Tencent, and that was more than 7 years ago, specifically in 2011. The developers are the most ingenious and experienced programmers in this field, so the matter quickly evolved into the WeChat application. After it was just a communication tool, WeChat has become a full-fledged platform that includes many features and additions that make users can not do without it on their phones.And thus it has become a very strong competitor For many famous communication applications, led by WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger, it is worth noting that the installation of the WeChat application will not be limited to smartphones, but can be easily downloaded to computers and laptops, and therefore you will be able to enjoy it wherever you are, and the WeChat program There are several advantages that we will list in detail in the following lines, and perhaps the most important of them is that it is a free messaging application that includes the feature of simultaneous translation of some texts sent to you in other languages, and therefore you will be able to From communicating with any user around the world, getting to know new friends and cultures, and you will be able to delete any text message you typed by mistake within 120 seconds from the time it was sent.

Download WeChat for PC, Laptop and Mac with a direct link

Downloading and installing the new WeChat application for your computer gives you complete privacy and complete control over the application, as it is a TRUSTe certified program. Messages in it and you can run the program in any language you want, WeChat for Android and iPhone allows you to exchange voice and text messages, make video calls, share a lot of photos, games and files, and also allows the user to download different emojis and displays the detailed history of the communication you make, and the program has a module that receives users’ complaints To maintain the level of service provided by the program, and making calls is in Full HD quality, and all the calls you make on Wechat will be stored on your phone where you can easily access them inside the phone. One of these tools is that it is possible to share methods of communication with others, and this service you will find within the program.

How to register an account in WeChat

If you want to open an account on Wechat, it will not take you much time. Just go to the bottom of the explanation and click on the download link that you want, and then the program will download directly and install on the device to which you download the program to, then open the program and click on the registration using the number The phone will offer you to choose the name, the region in which you live, and your phone number until the confirmation message comes to it, and then you can choose passwords so that you can enter the program at any other time, then the program displays the privacy policy, click on Agree or Accept until it is completed Send a confirmation message to your phone. Just follow the pictures as shown below, and the program will verify the phone number. Just wait a little while until it verifies your phone number, then the program will work automatically and you will have an account on it.

Advantages WeChat for mobile and computer

Edit videos before sending them, many tools have been added to the program in the last update. If you want to register in another separate account, quickly transfer the login to this account with one click and then register in it. In addition to the videos that you shoot, the program works It has to come out professionally. It can work on all phones. I have many friends who receive these videos.

Additional features, many features and settings have been added to the latest version where you can edit messages directly and disable alerts to like or comment on "Moments" posts. You can also preview and edit photos before sending them to anyone and get information on how group members join another group It is now available and filtering searches for files and images within the chat in “History” is now available and very easy.

MULTIMEDIA MESSEGING feature, which enables you to send photos, videos, texts, and voice messages to all friends anywhere in the world and you can also create groups chat and conference calls of up to 500 people and video calls you and 9 other people with you in one free high-quality video call anywhere anytime and from anywhere in the world.

The WECHAT OUT feature, and this is one of the most important features in the all-new WeChat program that works on all devices, as this feature enables you to make calls at the lowest prices to all landlines and mobile phones around the world at low prices, but this feature is found in certain regions It is really a program worth trying and downloading in order to reach all your new friends and people close to you quite easily and to communicate with them always.

STICKER GALLERY feature, through which you can send hundreds of free derivatives, emojis and animations to express your feelings, fun, your favorite movies and cartoons so that you can share your best moments with your friends and many other things that you will find available in the program that supports more than 20 different languages ​​can Translate messages with it, where you can download the full Arabic Wechat program, the original version, for free from the official website.

The program is completely free, it is worth noting that the WeChat program is available on all stores completely free of charge without any expenses and without any charge, the program that enables you to communicate with people all over the world, which supports all different versions of Windows and supports all operating devices for Android smartphones iPhone, Blackberry, Nokia phones and Windows Phone, it supports all phones and all different operating systems.

Download WeChat for Android, iPhone, PC, Laptop and Mac


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