Download PUBG New State Alpha for Android and iPhone

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Download PUBG New State Alpha for Android and iPhone

Download PUBG New State for Android and iPhone with a direct link, the latest version for free 2021. After a long wait, now you can download and install the “alpha” trial version of PUBG New State With the latest update. The developers of the PUBG game have currently launched a new game called “Bubg the New State, as we all know the extent of the popularity that the original PUBG game has achieved in recent years since its first launch. Based on this wide fame, the developer of the game has cooperated with KRAFTON to offer us a new game of PUBG games, which is the new state PUBG game. . And you can now make a pre-registration in the new state. With it, you will win a new look for the vehicle you are riding, and this appearance will continue with you throughout the duration of the game you play on PUBG.

Download PUBG New State for PC, Laptop and Mac

After a long wait, you can now download PUBG New State on your computer, laptop and Mac with a direct link for free, the latest version 2021. The game will also be available soon for pre-registration on the App Store as well. It is still a mystery as to whether the game will be available for free or whether it will be paid. To download it on Android, the new PUBG Mobile game is based on the basic idea on which the original PUBG Mobile game was built. And based on the opinions of users on the App Store, most of them decided that the new state of PUBG Mobile game is more realistic in terms of the way the game, guns, vehicles and some new tools have been added to the game. Through this game, you will experience a realistic experience of the battle hero game on different battlefields from the ones you are used to in the original game. You can watch the teaser for PUBG Mobile New State through the video below. You can also pre-subscribe to it. And you can download the game.

What's new in PUBG Mobile New State

It is worth noting that the game will be based on the new state on the same concept that the original PUBG Mobile game is based on. The round starts here with 100 players competing on the battlefield (open ground). Where they compete to survive until the end of the round. The player or team that remains at the end is considered the winner. The blue area also narrows the game space on the battlefield little by little and with the passage of time in the current round. You have to find weapons and vehicles that will help you survive until the end of the round. But now you are playing PUBG Mobile 2.0, and more than that, the game will provide you with greater and clearer realism than what you know about PUBG in terms of its graphics. And in terms of dynamism in the movement of characters and the use of weapons. It also allows you to use a lot of tools and items. For example, drones, combat rolls that reduce the possibility of injury, and other tools.

Information about PUBG New State game for mobile and PC

Crafton owns the rights to the PUBG game. While Tencent owns shares in the original PUBG game, the company that developed it. The South Korean company, Crafton, is under the brand name of PUBG Studio. The company that developed the entire PUBG Mobile New State game, the game takes place in the context of its own brief, as it takes place in the near future, specifically in the year 2051. Where chaos reigns in the state in which you are fighting. Players are made up of different factions fighting each other. This is what marked the battlefield in terms of its development significantly. This made the players obliged to learn some combat tactics and deal with new technologies in the game, which are commensurate with the future events to which it relates. They are the ones who developed the PUBG game versions. The game contains a large variety of weapons that you can use all of them. It also contains different tactics in combat. Here, 100 competitors will compete until only one player or team is left to win at the end of the battle.

Download PUBG New State for mobile

Download PUBG New State for mobile the latest update for free through the links below the article 2021. This game contains great realism that goes beyond the limits of games that are played on smartphones. It relies on Global Lotion technology that makes the game incredibly realistic, even on a small mobile screen. This makes you immerse yourself in the world of open-world gameplay. As it offers a new realistic battle hero game experience for those who own 2nd generation smartphones in the graphic, there is also the blue zone. It is reducing the area of ​​land on which it is fighting little by little. Therefore, you have to find weapons and vehicles to escape from being in that area. And you can find a lot of belongings that will make you an advantage over many players. And if you are the strongest, you will be able to survive until the end of the round to be the winner, realistic in gameplay and use of weapons. This may be shown for the first time on smartphone screens on Android and iPhone. Where you can customize many weapons to have powerful and unique weapons.

Description PUBG New State for mobile and PC

In the game PUBG New State, there are many tools and items that were not present in the versions of PUBG before, not even in the global version of PUBG Mobile or even the Korean PUBG. For example, there are drones and combat rolls that reduce the rate of injury in the event of a fall or the like. The game also has a large 8 km x 8 km map. It contains a huge variety of compounds. It uses a variety of weapons that give you a complete wonderful experience of the open-world battle hero game. The game tells of a different historical era than the one we live in today. It talks about a historical era in the near future 30 years later, ie the year 2051. Chaos reigns supreme. Here, you have to adopt modern techniques and tactics appropriate to the era in which it exists. This is in order to be able to survive life under those conditions.

Let's get to know together the difference between the original PUBG, PUBG New State

There are five differences that can be derived between the two versions that we are talking about in today's article regarding the famous PUBG game, and here I am specifically mentioning PUBG New State, and PUBG International (the normal version of it). Let's start with the first difference.

1. Time background of the two versions

PUBG New State gives us a futuristic background. It depends on that background in its events and all its elements. The game takes place in the year 2051, and you can use superior technology to defeat the enemies. On the other hand, you find that the regular PUBG does not simulate the same time period, but rather that the players use the regular weapons and guns that exist nowadays to defeat the enemies and competitors.

2. Map selection

Troy is the futuristic map featured in PUBG New State. It is a map on an area of ​​8 x 8 km. While PUBG Mobile gives us five maps; They are Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Karakin, and Levik. The area of ​​Miramar is 8 x 8 km, while the area of ​​Sanhok is 4 x 4 km. Whereas, Levik and Karen, each have an area of ​​2 x 2 km.

3. Adjust weapon settings

The PUBG New State alpha version offers players a set of gadgets and accessories with which they can evolve the look and performance of the weapon with which you fight. These elements will improve the performance of the weapon and its shooting mode, and it will also modify many other things related to the weapon. In PUBG Mobile, you will find a huge variety of weapons and their types. But players will not be able to make modifications that increase the performance of the weapon that the player currently has. They are only able to add to the weapon the external appearance that gives the weapon an amazing appearance.

4. Ultra-modern tools

There are a lot of very modern tools waiting for you if you decide to play PUBG New State alpha. Among those tools you will find; Luminous weapons The greens that you use to revive your teammates who died in battle. And then look for drones to track down performance spots and make it easier for you to get rid of them. This performance can do many other things other than what was mentioned, while the global game PUBG Mobile is devoid of any of these high-quality tools. All players can do is use the glowing red weapon to make a special airdrop summon.

Features of PUBG New State

1. Extremely realistic graphics that push the boundaries of mobile and PC games.

2. With "Global Lighting" technology, PUBG: NEW STATE pushes the boundaries of what has been possible in mobile game graphics.

3. Huge battlefield, open world with a level of realism that only PUBG Studio can achieve.

4. The ultimate PUBG experience at your fingertips

5. Also, playing with weapons has become more realistic and dynamic

6. As it is optimized for the mobile environment, try the design style 8. Play with weapons from PUBG (PUBG)""" on your phone

7.Customize your weapons to suit your needs using PUBG's unique weapon add-on system

8. New mechanics introduced in PUBG: NEW STATE include dribbling, summoning drones, and calling for support

9. Exploit the new vehicles available in PUBG: NEW STATE, to move quickly through an 8x8 open world

10. An immersive PUBG experience achieved through various in-game objectives that can tip the scales in your favour.

11. The PUBG survival game evolves into a whole new battleground in PUBG: NEW STATE.

12. The real Battle Royale has become for PUBG users, for PUBG users, and for PUBG users: [PUBG: NEW STATE]

PUBG New State Download Link


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