Download Recuva for PC and Laptop for free

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Download Recuva for PC and Laptop for free

Recuva program: Download Recuva 2021 to recover deleted files from hard disk drives for computer and laptop latest update for free, Recuva program to recover and recover deleted files from hard disk on computer and laptop, the latest version for free with a direct link is the topic of the day, hello and welcome to you, dear followers and visitors to the site jawakerr for free programs, applications and games We talk about the Recuva program to recover deleted files and documents from computers, whether they were deleted by mistake or were caused by malicious viruses, as this program helps you in recovering photos, videos, books, e-mails on the computer, flashes, or memory of digital cameras and in Recover audio and files that have been deleted from the memory card, as it is an indispensable program on computers and mobile phones because it is one of the most important programs and applications through which you recover all deleted files.

Information about the Recuva app

The Recuva program is the version and development of the famous Piriform company. It was first released in 2007 in August and it had a bright start, as it gained great popularity and the popularity of this application increased after the launch of the mobile version. It works on Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy and Sony phones, in addition to Computers, laptops and Macs running Windows 7, 8 and 10 are completely free without paying any fees or subscription, many users were suffering from losing photos, videos and important files from their computers as they are deleted unintentionally, but with the beginning of 2008 and the launch of a copy of the program Recuva File Recovery is now available to all users to retrieve and restore files that have been deleted and deleted from different devices. The Recuva application allows you to recover videos and photos from a memory card. All folders and data lost on the device.

Download Recuva mobile app with a direct link

Download Recuva for Android latest version. This is a backup file management app for deleted backup video backup files. It calls the backup application and the backup deletes the photos. You can also have a backup contact. It's about saving photos and videos app and saving photos. It will recover all deleted photo and video files from phone memory and all deleted files. Photos and videos from SD card will recover all deleted files and contact files. This is the file backup and restore file backup software. Whether you accidentally delete a contact or restore your phone to factory settings, this app will help you efficiently restore your contacts and recover all deleted files, photos and contacts. This deletes the file backup in the phone recovery delete device.

What is Recuva and what is it used for?

It is worth noting that many users do not know anything about the Recuva program for PC, laptop, Mac and mobile, and some may face a big problem when unintentionally losing or deleting files or formatting the device, and this problem cannot be solved, so we offer the best and optimal solution, which is to download Recuva 2021, the latest version For computer and mobile to retrieve and restore all files that have been lost and erased after formatting the computer or laptop with one click after downloading a light application on the device that does not take up space on the hard disk and contains tools and features that can be used to recover email and email data that have been deleted and retrieve files The photos and videos that have been permanently deleted from the trash on the desktop, in addition to that it works in many languages, including Arabic, English and several other languages, made the program spread among a large number of people all over the world, and it has many advantages, including the final scanning is It contains a tool through which you can permanently delete files from the device and get rid of them forever, Recuva Recovery Program Deleted Files is the best solution to recover important lost files, and it is a simple and easy program suitable for all age groups that allows you to specify the name of the deleted file and then press “Recover” so that the application performs a thorough scan and access to the files you are looking for in the fastest time.

How to download Recuva on PC and Laptop

After you install the program, after the download process is completed, you will have to move to installing the recuva full program. In this paragraph, we will explain this process through easy and simple steps, which are as follows.

The first step: you will open the program and choose the “language” from the top of the page shown in front of you, after that you will click on “Install” as shown in the image.

Step 2: Wait for a while until the installation files are downloaded and the "recuva full" program is installed on your computer and this process takes some time, all you have to do is wait.

Step Three: The program will have finished the file download process and the installation process, and you can view the details of this process through this step or wait until completion.

Fourth Step: The program will have completed the entire installation process, after the completion of the process, click on "Run Recuva".

We follow with you, dear user, the process of downloading, installing and running the entire program step by step. You have to follow the steps and paragraphs in order to be able to use this wonderful application.

Download Recuva for Android latest update for free

After downloading the application on the mobile, enjoy the best program to recover photos and files for mobile, and you can restore them. Fortunately, free file recovery tools are available. Recuva is one of them. It is a useful and feature-rich tool that allows you to recover files that you have deleted by mistake. If you have accidentally deleted or lost your important photos and videos, the problem will not appear anymore. There are free file recovery tools, one of which is Recuv photo recovery app. Best free recovery app. It is a very useful tool to recover accidentally deleted files.

How to recover permanently deleted files from PC or laptop

Recuva program allows you to recover files that have been permanently deleted from the recycle bin on your computer and laptop.

The first step: After you download and install the program on your device, you will start to open the program and perform the process of recovering deleted files. All you have to do is press “Next” as shown in the image shown in front of you.

The second step: You select the type of file you want to recover, it shows you image files, audio files, document files, video files, compressed files, in addition to e-mail messages, or you can select all files for the program to show them after that you click on “Next” as shown.

The third step: You locate the lost files if you know their location so that the program can search for documents or search in the Recycle Bin or anywhere you specify inside the computer. Then you click on “Next” as shown.

Step Four: The program will be ready to search and discover the list of files you are looking for. All you have to do is mark the files you want to recover and enable Deep Scan and then click on the icon that says “Start” as shown.

Fifth step: The giant Recuva deleted file recovery program searches the drive for all deleted files. All you have to do is wait for some time until the search process is completed and all the lost files are obtained from this device.

Download Recuva for PC and Laptop Latest Update

Recuva is one of the best programs to recover and recover permanently deleted files from your computer or laptop. It recovers files, videos, and photos that have been accidentally deleted from computers and laptops, as it searches inside the computer for files that have been deleted and allows you to delete any Files from computers and format the device permanently. Recuva 2021 supports all computers and mobile devices and provides a wide range of languages. It is a light program that does not take up space on the device’s memory and does not cause problems during operation with the computer, in addition to that it is completely free and does not have any Ads It is one of the programs that deserves to be downloaded, installed and tested, as the program is constantly and periodically updated to ensure that it is free of viruses and preserves the privacy and data of users, so we recommend using this application for our own experience with it.

Recuva Features

Full recovery: You can recover all your files in a professional manner, as the program maintains the quality of the files after recovery and enables you to get photos, videos, audios, books and anything that has been permanently deleted from the computer.

Supported devices: The Recuva program works on computers, Android mobiles, Samsung phones, Xiaomi, Huawei, Abu, iPhone, iPad, iPod, tablets and other smart devices supported by this application and through which it recovers deleted files.

Email recovery: Through this application, you can recover all deleted emails as it preserves all parts of the files with one click of a button, making the program easy to use, working quickly and not affecting the speed of the computer while working.

Scan Tool: A new tool has been added through which all files can be erased and disposed of without leaving a permanent trace on the computer, and this tool makes the process of accessing these files almost impossible, which saves you time and effort in getting rid of the files from their roots.

Description of Recuva Latest Update

If we enter the Recuva program, we will find a wide range of program contents in addition to the many options and advanced settings that we will mention in this paragraph.

Program interface: The Recuva program has a simple interface that includes all the files that have been lost, which is the file name, path, last modification, size, recovery status, and there is a comment. You can select and preview files and know information about them. There is also an option in the interface to search for files, check contents and other options miscellaneous.

Advanced Settings: Within the program, there are settings, including changing the language, the feature of showing the processor with startup, and the feature of automatic search for updates. You can also check all files in order to be able to retrieve them as quickly as possible. There is a list that shows you the latest version of the program and gives you information about Recuva for computer, laptop and mobile.

Features of Recuva for mobile and PC

You can recover all files, the program enables you to retrieve and recover all photos, videos, documents and folders in addition to audio files and messages, and it shows all the files that you are trying to recover from your computer or laptop.

File Protection, the program contains advanced technologies that help protect files on the computer from loss due to viruses or accidentally deleting them. It is the most popular program to recover all deleted files securely.

Ease of use, one of the most important advantages of the Recuva program is small in size, light, does not take up space on the device, does not consume resources, does not cause the computer to be disturbed, and has a simple interface to deal with, as we explained in the previous explanation.

Supports languages, the program works in many international languages ​​in addition to the Arabic language, which makes it easier for the user to deal with the program. Retrieve files effortlessly and in a safe way through tools that search in detail for deleted files and retrieve them.

Continuous updating, the program team is adding some features for which it shows all the details about the deleted files such as the name, path, last modification, size, status, comment and other information that provides detailed information about the search results.

A free application, you can download Recuva 1.53 for PC and mobile for free with a direct link, the latest version for the year 2021 without paying any fees through a single link. Restore programs, movies, photos and games that have been permanently deleted from the computer.

Great capabilities, Recuva program allows you to recover files that you deleted unintentionally very quickly, so you do not have to worry after downloading this program.

Recuva download link

We have reached the most important section of our topic today, which is displaying links to download Recuva for free on the jawakerr website to work on computers and laptops with different operating systems with quick direct links through the official website. You can also download Recuva on Android devices. Hurry up to download Recuva now and start Recovers all deleted files even after formatting.


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