Download Snip & Sketch for PC and Laptop 2021

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Download Snip & Sketch for PC and Laptop 2021

The snipping tool: Download Snip & Sketch on your computer and laptop with a direct link, the latest version for free 2021. In fact, this tool is one of the best screenshot tools on Windows 7, 8 and 10, as the tool is easy to use and provides many important features such as various screen capture options and the ability to edit images after capturing them, in addition to many other features and characteristics, for the tool The snipping tool is built into the Windows operating system, from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and you can use it easily by searching for it in the Start menu or through keyboard shortcuts. There is also another official Microsoft tool known as Snip and Sketch, which allows You have more features and useful features, but you will need to download them from the Microsoft Store.

How to run snipping tool on computer and laptop

It is worth noting that the snipping tool is built into Windows 7, 8.1 and 10, so you will not need to download it again, but the tool that you need to download from the Microsoft Store is Snip & Sketch.

Explain how to run the snipping tool on Windows with its different versions in order to take screenshots, modify them and share them:

You can run the snipping tool on Windows 7 or Windows 10 by clicking on the Star menu or by clicking the Windows button on the keyboard, then typing snipping tool and clicking on the tool to run it.

As for the Windows 8.1 operating system, click on the Windows button on the keyboard, and in the search box, type snipping, then click on the application to run it.

After running the tool on your device, you can click on its icon in the taskbar below and then choose Pin to taskbar in order to pin it to the taskbar for easy access later.

Use the snipping tool to capture the screen

After running the tool through the previous steps, you can start using it easily, however, you should take into account that the different versions of the tool differ from each other.

Once you open the Snipping Tool, the window will appear as in the following image, where there are many buttons at the top that you can choose from, and in order to start taking a screenshot, you will need to choose the mode first through the Mode drop-down menu on Windows 10, taking into account Different display modes on previous versions of Windows.

Available modes in the screen capture tool for Windows

Freehand Capture: Allows you to freehand draw on the screen to get the shot.

Rectangular shot: You can draw a square around any object you want to capture.

Window capture: This option takes a screenshot of the window of the current application.

Full Screen Capture: With this option you can take a screenshot of the entire screen.

If you choose one of the first two options you will need to use the mouse to draw around the part you want to capture while if you choose window shot you will need to select the window you want to capture and the last option will take a full screen capture automatically.

How to create a timer to take a screenshot automatically

This snipping tool allows you to take a screenshot after a certain period of time. This feature is very useful when taking pictures of context menus or items that disappear automatically when you click elsewhere on the screen. To use this feature, click the Delay button at the top of the window and Set the time between 1 to 5 seconds and then click on New and a screenshot will be taken after the time you just specified.

How to edit screenshot in Snipping Tool

One of the most important features of the snipping tool built into Windows is that it provides you with a free image editor, as after capturing the images, they will not be saved on your device directly, but will be opened through this editor so that you can modify them if necessary, although The built-in editing tool only contains some very simple image editing tools but it is often useful, you can use the pen tool to draw and you can change the color and size while drawing by clicking on the down arrow next to the pen, you can also use the highlight tool Also, which helps you focus on the important areas in your image by highlighting them in yellow, and in order to use the highlighting tool, click on the icon right next to the pen icon, there is also an eraser icon that allows you to undo the adjustments you made previously from Through the pen or the highlighter, and if you want to access more image editing options on your computer, simply click on the last colored icon that resembles a drop of water, and so the image will open in a few seconds. Paint 3D is another Windows 10 built-in app that has a lot of good image editing tools.

How to save and share screenshots

As we mentioned earlier, after you have made the necessary modifications to your images, you can save them to you or send them via e-mail by clicking on the Save button. The image will be saved in the PNG format, which is best for screenshots. You can also copy the image from By clicking on the Copy option, you can paste the image anywhere you like on your computer (using Ctrl + V) and you can also click on the Email option in order to send the image as an attachment via email if you want to.

Download Snip & Sketch tool on your PC and laptop

The snipping tool, but if you are using Windows 10, you have noticed that the tool recommends another tool for taking screenshots, which is Snip & Sketch. The Snip & Sketch tool is an application that comes with some additional features for taking pictures on Windows 10, and you can download this tool easily from Through the Microsoft Store through the download section at the beginning of the topic, and after downloading the tool, you can run it by searching for it at the bottom of the Start menu, or you can click on the shortcut Win + Shift + S from the keyboard. After running the Snip & Sketch tool, you will see many options as Almost in the snipping tool as it has multiple screenshot options as well, and after you are done taking the screenshot you can start editing it in order to save it on your device.

How to Edit Photos in Snip & Sketch

When you use the Snip & Sketch tool editor on Windows 10, you will find many image editing tools as well as in the previous tool, where you can use the pen tool to draw on the image, and you can use the highlight tool to focus on certain parts of the image, and you can adjust the color and size of each tool from These tools, you can also undo the changes you made within the Snip & Sketch tool by clicking on the undo button or using the keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + Y), and in addition to the tools available in the snipping tool it includes more tools Others also such as the ruler tool to measure the distance and angles in your photo, and finally you can share the photo with other applications on your device in order to complete its editing or you can save it anywhere on your device.

Download Snip & Sketch for PC and Laptop


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