Download Vault for Android and iPhone for free 2021

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Download Vault for Android and iPhone for free 2021

Vault: Download the photo, video and file lock application for Android and iPhone with a direct link, the latest update for free 2021. All over the world are using Vault to protect their mobile privacy while enjoying app lock, private bookmark, hidden browser and other useful features with complete freedom! Join them now. The technological boom that we are experiencing in the recent period, especially for phones, has led to an increase in the problems that users encounter, as many people have relied on keeping many photos and files on mobile phones and dispensing little with computers. Most of the problems that users encounter is deleting files, whether by mistake or Corruption of the operating system and the need to resort to the work of formatting the device.

Vault mobile app

It is worth noting that all users of mobile devices are interested in maintaining as much privacy as possible by protecting their devices from intrusive people who open your phone and start opening social networking applications and all applications on the device and reading all messages that may include something private that you do not want someone else to know about downloading and downloading The famous Vault program, which has many features and features that we will explain in detail within this topic.

Description of Vault

It is an application that protects the privacy of users by hiding many of the elements on your device. Vault works on Android phones that you can download through the Google Play Store. You can try the Vault application on iOS mobile devices by downloading it through The Apple Store to work on iPhones, Vault is characterized by its small size, which helps users to download and install the application with ease on mobile phones, as it does not require a large area of ​​mobile storage memory, in addition to that it does not need devices with high specifications to operate, as it works on mobile phones Medium and simple specifications with high performance and speed.

Download lock photos, videos for Android and iPhone

You can now download the program to lock photos, videos, files and programs for the mobile phone, the latest version, for free, and through the official stores for phones, the latest update 2021. The Vault photo and video lock program can be downloaded with quick direct links through the official stores from the bottom of the topic. The Vault application supports many different languages, the most important of which is the support of a full interface in Arabic, which increases the ease of use for users in the Middle East. After removing the language barrier, you can use the application to work Folders that collect photos, videos, call history and contacts and create a custom password for them so that no intruder can access them, if someone else tries to open files that have been protected by the application and try to enter an incorrect password, the application will take a picture of him You can know who is trying to open these files, developers are interested in updating the application to add new features and increase performance.

How Vault works

After downloading the Vault application on your mobile phone from the bottom of the topic, depending on the operating system, you will discover that the application is easy to use without the need for an explanation, as it is in Arabic. By performing some steps.

1. After downloading the application, open the follow-up by pressing the arrow to start, then it will ask you to enter a new password with a maximum number of 15 digits, and then retype it again to confirm.

2. You will now see some of the distinctive paid features of the application. You have to click on the word next from the bottom, then no, thank you.

3. Click on the photos option to hide them, then press the + sign from the bottom right to enter the gallery.

4. Now you can choose the photos that you want to hide, after you are done, click on the word import, and this has been transferred to the application.

5. You can apply the same previous steps to hide videos in the same way.

6. You can also lock applications by clicking on the application lock option, then choosing applications, then click on the lock from the bottom.

7. The application gives you a cloud storage space of 1000 MB to transfer and preserve important photos and videos by pressing the backup cloud.

8. You can browse websites without keeping a record of the visited websites by clicking on Private Browsing.

Vault features latest update

The application for locking photos and videos works on mobile devices running the Android operating system. You can download it through the official Google Play Store.

If you want more privacy, you can hide the various elements from your device, whether photos or videos, so that no intruder can view them or know that they are on your phone.

The Vault developer team is concerned with the continuous work of developing the application to add new features, increase the performance and speed of the program, as well as solve all the problems that users encounter.

The application helps you maintain privacy by creating a password for photos, videos, call history and contacts.

Vault has a private browser so that no one can review the sites you've visited by deleting records.

Features of Vault for Mobile

You can download the photo and video lock application for free, as we have promised you to provide everything new and free on the Jaakerr website.

You can try the program to hide photos on mobile devices running the iOS operating system by downloading it through the official Apple Store to work on iPhone phones.

The Vault application is characterized by its small size, which helps users to easily download and install the program on mobile devices, as it does not require a large area of ​​mobile phone storage.

Vault supports many international languages, numbering up to six different languages, including a full interface in Arabic, which increases the ease of use of the program for people from the Middle East after removing the language barrier.

The application allows viewing photos and videos or recovering them to their normal place, but after entering the correct password.

If you want more protection, you can backup these photos and videos to a cloud.

New Features of Vault App Latest Update

Working to support the latest iOS devices operating system, version 14.

Supported working on the latest Android operating system version 11.

Attention to solve all the problems that were encountered by users before.

Working on improving performance and stability to provide a better user experience.

Link to download the photo and video lock program

Today we have come to the most important section of our topic, which is showing links to download the free photo and video hide program on the jawakerr website to work on mobile phones with different operating systems with quick direct links through the official stores, download Vault now and start protecting photos, videos, call history and contacts by setting Password and hide it against intruders.


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