Download Facebook Pages Manager for mobile and PC

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Download Facebook Pages Manager for mobile and PC

Download the Facebook Pages Manager application: my dear friends, visitors of the jawakerr website, today's topic that we will talk about, which is one of the versions of the Facebook company, is to download the Facebook Pages Manager application, which is one of the applications that makes the user fully supervise the Facebook pages and complete control over the management of the pages. The program categorizes messages and comments and allows the user to add managers to Facebook pages in order to communicate with subscribers on these pages and respond to comments. In addition, the program includes many tools that are found on the Facebook page that review outgoing and incoming messages and respond to followers, and the application interface is easy It has all the tools that help people to view and respond to all customers directly and manage your page without using a computer or laptop directly from the mobile, because the Facebook Pages Manager program you can download for all Android phones, iPhone, iPad and iPod, as it is available for all versions of Windows iPhone, where you can download the Pages Manager application for a computer running Windows X PE, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista All this and more you will find in this completely free program that can be downloaded from all stores such as Google Play Store, iTunes Store and Aptoide Store. It is also available on the One Mobile Market and is available to all people for free with a link Direct download the latest version from the official website.

General information about the Facebook App

The Facebook program is one of the giant projects that works on social communication, and it is one of the most famous chat and messenger programs, as it is a complete social network with more than one billion users. It is a social networking site that enables people to communicate with each other and write posts that express the status of each person. On all devices, whether computer or mobile, many improvements have been added to the program so that people can register an account on Facebook so that they can reach all that is new from international news of sports, culture, politics and celebrity news, and it is a program affiliated with Facebook, which is working hard on Developing the program and adding many tools to it so that it remains and continues as the first program for all users. It is worth noting that recently, the Facebook and Instagram accounts were linked together and many famous applications were purchased to fall under the name Facebook, and among these applications is the Facebook Pages Manager 2021 program What we have today, which enables group owners to control the various Facebook pages, in addition to the complete privacy and security known to all Users also that the program has different languages, including Arabic, English and other languages ​​that enable the user to deal with the program with ease, and that Facebook is constantly working on it so that no one can know the users’ data and spy on the personal account of any user.

Pages Manager for Facebook for PC and Mac

Download the Facebook page management application that can be run for Windows Phone, as it is an interesting program through which you can manage all your Facebook pages. Statistics and the number of followers of your Facebook pages, and you can view the likes with ease and simplicity, as the program works on the computer without any problems and you can do all the things you want on your page through the computer browser that you use. Just install the pages on the computer screen and get all alerts on Even when the program is closed, alerts and notifications come to you. There is also a list of albums that contain all the albums and pictures that you publish on your page, and another list of messages so that you can send and receive messages to different people at the same time, and another list that contains notifications and alerts in case if Someone liked your post, the program is completely free, you can download it to your computer so that you can manage the office Setting the timeline of the Facebook page, controlling notifications and messages, creating albums, downloading new photos, reviewing the news on the page, and managing the details and events of your page. Among the languages, including Arabic, English and many other languages ​​in which the program works.

Facebook Pages Manager for Android

It is worth noting that the Facebook Pages Manager program is affiliated with the famous Facebook company, and it is a free program through which you can manage your Facebook pages directly from your Android phone, as the Pages Manager application keeps you up to date with all customers directly and allows you to update your mail and manage A Facebook page without using a computer, publish your phone as well, read messages and respond to them. You can also link your account or Facebook pages to the Instagram site to manage Facebook messages and Instagram comments in the inbox where you can manage Facebook and Instagram together from one mail, the program enables you to use the pages Facebook and add anyone to manage your Facebook page, it also shows you the activity statistics on your page, it also pushes risks and shows you alerts about all the activities that you and anyone do, and it is a completely free application available for all Android phones such as Huawei, Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy and all Android versions The different programs that you can download from the Google Play Store or through the link below, Facebook Pages M anager APK is easy to use that solves the problem of chain of comments and has a simple interface that includes all the tools that the user needs in managing Facebook pages and enables business owners to freely save data on the Internet so that people can build their business and activity on different Facebook pages via Android smartphones .

Facebook Pages Manager App for iPhone and iPad

The Pages Manager program helps you communicate with your followers and follow the activity on your multiple Facebook pages in one place through this program that allows you to post updates, respond to all comments, add photos, get notifications to learn about new activities coming to you, remind and respond to messages sent to your pages every What you have to do is to download the Pages Manager and install it on your iPhone or iPad and then log in using the Facebook program so that you can access and manage all your pages at any time and from anywhere, the program known to all users of the pages, which is constantly and periodically updated to include All the improvements in terms of speed and reliability and it solves all the problems that users face in managing their Facebook pages, and the size of the program is small, does not consume hardware resources and works very quickly, because its size is small, in addition to the fact that the program saves your data so that no one can access it The Facebook Manager program has been developed so that you can save the people you have blocked in a special list and so that you can manage Facebook pages You are wonderful as it provides all the capabilities that allow you to modify the basic information of the Facebook page and also allows you to add new friends so that you get the most number of likes and comments and even you can control the Facebook pages completely. The program provides an automatic reply to messages only By activating this service after downloading the completely free Facebook Pages Manager program.

Tools used in Facebook Pages Manager for mobile and PC

Some are wondering how to download Facebook Pages Manager, the latest version for the computer, laptop, Mac, and mobile Arabic full, which enables the user to manage the Facebook account and from messaging, photos, videos and groups, the program that allows users to manage up to 50 Facebook pages from an Android phone or iPhone so that they can verify the Pages activity and share with the public and see all the statistics. You can also download publications, photo albums and live broadcast videos in this program. All the things on Facebook pages, in addition to the things we mentioned previously from new groups, activity history, details of the latest news, and settings that enable you to add username and destinations Connect and manage the entire account and a lot of different things in the program such as the timeline, exclusive new news, statistics, which contains the total number of daily impressions, guarantees reach, likes, and the basic. You can also identify all the people who want to join your pages, add your phone number, and change the language in any The time of this and more you will find in one program that maintains security and privacy It fully manages all your data and works to provide all services to the user so that he can manage and activate Facebook pages completely free of charge without any problems that anyone may face. Facebook that contains followers and supervise them in an organized and very easy way.

Features Facebook Pages Manager

Managing Facebook pages, you can use the Facebook Manager program to manage all the contents of your Facebook pages and view and view all information from your Android device, iPhone or your computer. You can also publish photos, videos and publications and respond to all comments, and tags have been added to increase The number of posts you want to receive notifications about, and many other things, such as saving a profile picture and a cover photo for the Facebook page, uploading various photos and albums, and publishing them via comments.

Adding managers to your pages, the program provides many tools that help the user in managing the content of a Facebook page, and it is an effective tool for managing content for page managers, full control of updating Facebook pages, adding people to manage content, responding to comments, continuous interaction with members, continuous supervision of the page and downloading content Exclusive on an ongoing basis and make a schedule of publications so that many posts are downloaded and published at different times and on various occasions so that the subscribers of the page interact with them and gain fame on the social networking site Facebook.

Statistics and free tools, the Facebook Pages Manager program for computer and mobile offers the latest statistics that show the user the number of subscribers and interactions with his Facebook page, in addition to the free tools and various features that are available in the program only. All you have to do is download the Facebook Pages Manager for Android to get all These features are without paying any expenses and without paying or subscribing to that program completely free and easy to use that works very easily and gives you full control and perfect statistics that make your Facebook page get followers among other pages.

Free and multilingual, as we mentioned that downloading the Facebook Manager program is free. You can install it on your device in many languages, including Arabic, English, French, German and other languages ​​that enable all users to permanently deal with the program. Full control over Facebook pages without facing any problems as the program works It preserves the user’s privacy and data from anyone’s access to it and provides many possibilities for followers, responding to various messages, publishing photos and publications, sharing places, getting notifications and all other activities that occur on the pages on which the program works quickly.

Supports operating systems, the Facebook Manager program works on all operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Windows Phone and also works on all versions of Android APK and all versions of Apple IOS completely free in order to give the user full control over Facebook pages Management, regular supervision, and various other things that the Company provides for users to enjoy the various Facebook services.

General information about Facebook Pages Manager

Program name: Facebook Pages Manager.

Developed company: Facebook.

Update size: 74.32 MB.

License to use: Completely free.

Compatible systems: Windows, Android, iPhone.

Version number: V 325.

Facebook Pages Manager download link


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