Download Horizon Chase game for Android, iPhone and PC for free

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Download Horizon Chase game for Android, iPhone and PC for free

Horizon Chase game: Horizon Chase game: Dear friends, dear jawakeer visitors, you are welcome, download the latest version of the game Horizon Chase cars for Android and iPhone, which allows you to choose from 34 different cars, allowing you to race in different environments, such as New York , Texas. Contests are held in the streets and ice fields of Sri Lanka. In a competition, you will participate in competitions in 55 cities, and to avoid boredom you can participate in the hacking game Horizon Chase, and it is possible to challenge your friends online in online competitions.

Description Horizon Chase game for mobile and PC

Drawing from classic arcade racing games, HORIZON CHASE is a gift for all classic racing gamers. It's a fun racing game inspired by the best games of the 80's and 90's. Every twist and turn in Horizon Chase recreates the atmosphere of arcade racing games and offers you unlimited fun speeds. Go full speed and have fun! One of the successes of the latest version of the racing game Horizon Chase is the high-quality graphics of the game, which is designed in the style of the Victorian era but has very high accuracy in the game environment, cars, and lines. The game is aimed at people of all ages. Young people and adults can play or compete with friends online, and can also participate in international competitions and challenges Horizon Chase is available for free in the Play Store and on Google Play or on our Android app with a direct link, but only the black version of Horizon Chase is available . You don't need to buy anything from play store, all stages are unlocked, you can use cars with unlimited money. In the process of buying cars and developing existing cars to participate in competitions and outperform competitors.

Download Horizon Chase for PC, Laptop and Mac for free

Horizon Chase car game, download the game Horizon Chase on your computer and you can also download the game on your laptop and Mac for free, the latest update 2021. A large number of racing games have been found in the Bluestacks game simulator and applications. We found that many racing game lovers are looking for the best Games to play on PC in a very fun way, We all know that the history of racing games is an endless love story for everyone, especially for kids who love these games when they are fun. But today there will be different people discussing a unique and wonderful game, which contains many things Brilliant, which makes it one of the best games.

car control settings

Let's get acquainted together with the game settings, where you can modify the way to control the directions of the racing car on the track, and the game supports the ability to connect a control hand to the phone to play with it like the PlayStation, and the directions can be controlled by buttons with choosing its appropriate place on the screen, and also control the movement of the car by tilting the phone left and right Also, from the settings, you can change the speed units or erase your progress in the game and start over.

General information about the game Horizon Chase

It is worth noting that the first download version of the Horizon Chase car racing game was released on November 18, 2015 by Aquiris Game Studio SA in Brazil, noting that the game falls under the type of car games derived from the classic arcade racing games that were released in the eighties and nineties. During the race, you will notice that the cars enjoy a very high speed different from the rest of the car racing games, which distinguishes them from others and is preferred by many people for the reason. The game restores the atmosphere of 16-bit racing by creating an atmosphere inspired by the past without dispensing with the contemporary as well. Horizon Chase enjoys With a good graphic design with very cool colors and graphics that attract people's attention while playing, the car racing game includes a wonderful set of distinct sound and visual effects that increase the enthusiasm of people during the race.

How to control the car during the race

When you start the race, the car will start in constant acceleration automatically, and all you have to do is control the directions of the car in the race track, so that you avoid hitting the rest of the cars from behind so as not to bounce back. If you choose to show it, you can control the car’s directions on the race track in several different ways, and there is a button for starting at the maximum speed in the track, and the track map is also shown at the top of the screen to know the upcoming curves and more.

Best car racing game for mobile and pc

It is worth noting that this game was developed for users who love racing and speed games. It is a realistic game with Victorian cartoon graphics, simpler than other games of the same genre. The aim of this game is to simulate your old racing games with simpler graphics and easy to control style, the game has already won many awards and is recognized as one of the best racing games for smartphones.

Download the game Horizon Chase on mobile for free

We advise you to download the game Horizon Chase on the mobile and enjoy the wonderful and exciting car racing on your phone for free, the latest update of 2021. With quick direct links for free through the official stores from the bottom of the topic, the game Horizon Chase works on mobile phones running the Android operating system, you can download it through the official Google Play store, you can try a car racing game on mobile devices running the iOS operating system By downloading it through the official Apple Store to work on iPhone phones, the car race is characterized by its medium size, which helps people to download and install the game easily on mobile phones, as it does not require a large area of ​​storage memory for mobile devices. The game supports the work system Off Line without the need to connect your device to the Internet so that you can enjoy the player anywhere and anytime without requests.

Download Horizon Chase for Android

Game license: Free.

Game size: approximately 249 MB.

Date of update: June 14, 2021.

Current version: 1.9.30.

Operating system: Android 4.4 at least.

Game rating: 4.5 stars.

Download Horizon Chase for iPhone

Game license: Free.

The size of the game: approximately 793.4 MB.

Date of update: June 16, 2021.

Current version: 1.9.30.

Operating system: IOS 10.0 at least.

Game rating: 4.1 stars.

Features of the game Horizon Chase new update

You can download a car racing game for free, as we used to provide you with all the new games and programs on the jawakerr website.

The game feature is racing which has Victorian cartoon graphics which is less realistic than other games.

The game simulates an old classic racing game, with simple graphics and control functions.

The game is characterized by obtaining many awards and becomes one of the best racing games.

It is a classic arcade racing game inspired by the games of the eighties and nineties.

The game has a high-resolution graphic design with great graphics and colors that attract the attention of players during the race.

The game includes a variety of different types of racing cars with wonderful international brands that you can modify in their color.

The car racing game works on mobile devices running the Android operating system, which you can download through the official Google Play Store.

You can try the game Horizon Chase on mobile phones running the iOS operating system by downloading it from the official Apple Store to work on iPhone phones.

The game developer staff is interested in continuous updating to add more races and new cars with improved performance and solving all the problems that players encounter.

Horizon Chase download link

The most important section of our topic came today, which is to offer free Horizon Chase download links on the jawakerr website to work on mobile phones, computers, laptops and Macs that run on different operating systems with quick direct links through the official stores, if you want to relive your childhood days with classic arcade racing games Distinctive but with a contemporary atmosphere and exciting racing, I advise you to start trying the game Horizon Chase now.


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