Download Maxthon Cloud Browser for Mobile and PC Free

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Download Maxthon Cloud Browser for Mobile and PC Free

Download the fastest Maxthon Internet browser for Android and iPhone with a direct link for free. A version that achieved great unprecedented success and was able to compete with all the leading browsers with a long history so that the company that developed it enables you to correct the errors that occurred in previous versions. The Internet is very easy, thanks to the development and great support made by the company that developed the program to reach this level of professionalism.

Description Maxthon Cloud Browser

It is a program that enables you to browse websites very quickly compared to other browsers and allows the user to retrieve any page he closed by mistake and can also take a full or partial image of any website's page. Maxthon Net Application is a free cloud web browser developed in 2002 by a Chinese company. Like all modern counterparts, it has a wide range of features, and you can download it on computers and laptops with Windows and Mac OS and on Android or iOS mobile phones.

Download maxthon cloud browser for PC, Laptop and Mac

We recommend that you download Maxthon Cloud Browser, as it provides you with a great browsing experience, thanks to the program's interface that is fast, light and easy to use. Cloud Browser is completely free and compatible with various devices and operating systems. It works on Windows and Mac computer systems for both 32-bit and 64-bit cores.

Versions available in Maxthon Browser

There are two versions of Maxthon browser available, which are intended for Windows computers and laptops, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, in addition to advanced versions such as Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. If you own any of these systems, you will have a browser " Maxthon is the latest version without problems and another for Android. It is expected that the developer will release a mini version of the browser that works with smart devices such as the iPhone, in order to expand the user segment more, after you finish downloading the new Maxthon Cloud Browser program, you will notice the new elegant design that the program enjoys Which contributes greatly to improving your online experience, in addition to a wide range of tools that allow you to customize the interface to suit you, including changing icons, buttons, browsing backgrounds, as well as colors and fonts, which contribute significantly to changing the entire appearance. Before you download the program, you must You know that there are three versions of "Maxon", which are Max Thon Browser 6, Max Thon 6 and Max Thon Classic. Each version has some of its features, but they are in the Finally, they perform the same basic function, which is to surf the Internet very quickly. In the next lines, we will provide a quick review that includes what distinguishes the program and the most important features that came in the latest update.

Download Maxthon app for Android and iPhone with a direct link

Through the application, you can also save mobile data and save money on your monthly bill, and you can save all kinds of things and read them offline in your browser at any time. Smart photo viewing can also help you effectively control mobile data consumption. This browser is for mobile only, as the 6th generation web browser developed by Maxthon USA Inc. , which was once awarded "Best Browser" on for 3 consecutive years, Maxthon Cloud Browser was created for those who spend a lot of time on the web every day, especially for iOS users because of its iDevice features.

Features of Maxthon Browser Download for Mobile and PC

Cloud Browser: The most important feature of Maxthon Browser is that it fully uses the cloud, which allows you to completely synchronize your files, browsing history, bookmarks and pages on any other device. You can also send and receive files of all sizes and extensions. This feature provides faster browsing speed so that you synchronize your files and store A temporary copy of your favorite pages to facilitate the process of opening them.

Various modes: Maxthon, the latest version 2021, provides you with a set of modes that you can choose easily to get more comfortable browsing. For example, you can choose the night mode, which dims the screen to protect your eyes from harmful radiation that may harm you.

Save information: The browser saves your information completely, including passwords, e-mail, name, address and other data so that when you want to enter a site that requires a login, you do not need to type anything, it is enough for you to just double-click on the required field for the program to fill it in automatically.

SkyNote feature: It is one of the great features that the browser provides to you so that you can write your notes that you want and access them from anywhere in the world with complete ease in addition to the ability to synchronize them with many devices at the same time.

Free and compatible: You can download Maxthon Browser 2021 for free with a direct link and does not require any purchases or activation because it is completely free, in addition to that it is compatible with a large number of systems.

Maxthon Cloud Browser File Information for PC, Laptop and Mac

Software name: Maxthon Cloud Browser.

Developed company: Maxthon International.

Program size: 85.72 MB.

License to use: Completely free.

Compatible systems: Windows, Android.

Version number: V

Section: Internet browsers.

Language: many languages.

Update date: September 11, 2021


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