Download Mi Fit app for Android and iPhone

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Download Mi Fit app for Android and iPhone

Xiaomi Watch Program: Hello my friends, visitors to jawakerr website, all young people are interested in the recent period to have a perfect and harmonious body. The Xiaomi Mi Fit watch application is a program that works for free on the Android phone and the iPhone system. A program that acts as a monitor of general health and exercise is intended. The Xiaomi Watch has been developed to be compatible with portable mobile devices. It analyzes the person's daily routine actions in order to give advice. The program has many advantages that are not found in other applications.

Description of Mi Fit

Mi Fit counts every movement a person makes and is designed to recognize the activity of the user wearing the watch. Thus, it collects information on general health, as it measures the amount of activity exerted, and the Xiaomi watch application provides important advice to the body, which helps to reach the appropriate physical condition. Its work is based on putting metrics and statistics into the interface when it's running. These scales work based on the activities and exercises the person has provided for his physical and health fitness. The Xiaomi watch aims to reach the comfortable psychological state of every person who suspects that he does not engage in sports or activities that are beneficial to the body. Allows him to identify effective stimulus methods that push him to do the most beneficial activities for his general health, the application of the famous Xiaomi Band watch to follow many vital things in the human body and health status through smart mobile phones with many distinctive features.

Download Mi Fit for mobile with a direct link for free

After downloading Mi Fit on the mobile, and installing the application. The user will get notifications aimed at urging him to walk and exercise if he is pregnant one day. With the Mi Fit application, you can download it with quick direct links through the official stores from the bottom of the topic. The program supports an interface with a simple and elegant design for many different languages, and with the increasing demand in the Arab world for this type of watch, a full interface has been supported in Arabic, which helps to ease its use for people From the Arab world, the Xiaomi Band watch application works on mobile phones running the Android operating system, you can download it through the official Google Play store, you can try the Mi Fit application on mobile devices running the iOS operating system by downloading it through the official Apple Store to work On iPhone phones, the application has a small size, which helps to easily install it without the need for a large amount of storage space.

An introduction to the Xiaomi watch application

It is worth noting that the first version to download the Xiaomi Band watch application was released on October 7, 2014 by Anhui Huami Information Technology CoLtd, which manufactures many versions of Xiaomi smart phones and modern digital watches, as the Chinese company Xiaomi has been interested in providing a smart digital watch It is considered a breakthrough in the world of watches because of its advantages, as users can link between the watch and the phone, whether a Xiaomi brand or any other brand, with the approved operating systems to obtain more features and control the watch by phone and vice versa, with the increasing interest in health all over the world. The Xiaomi watch has some features that you can follow through the health status, whether following the state of the pulse or the number of calories burned during the day, with an indication of the distances traveled daily, whether while jogging, walking or riding bicycles.

Mi Fit app features

  • It tracks your daily activities, analyzes sleep, evaluates your exercises and builds a daily routine to stay healthy.
  • The program connects the Xiaomi Band, Amazfit Bip, Mi Body Fit and Amazfit Pace with their different versions with mobile phones with different operating systems.
  • Mi Fit offers many appropriate recommendations to implement some exercises according to the user's condition according to the body position and heart rate that the application measures to reach satisfactory and effective results.
  • The Xiaomi Band watch application analyzes the factors that affect the user's sleep quality and offers tips to improve it.
  • Use with the Mi Body Composition Scale to measure and track ten types of body composition data to build an effective training plan.

General information Mi Fit for Android

  • Application license: Free.
  • Application size: approximately 111 MB.
  • Update date: August 31, 2021.
  • Current version: 5.3.2.
  • Operating System: Android 4.4 at least.
  • Application language: supports the Arabic language.
  • App rating: 4.4 stars.

General information Mi Fit for iPhone

  • Software license: Free.
  • Program size: 321.9 MB approx.
  • Update date: September 8, 2021.
  • The current version: 5.3.3.
  • Operating system: IOS 10.0 at least.
  • Program rating: 4.3 stars.

Features Mi Fit Mobile App

  • The application provides many notifications and alerts through the Xiaomi bracelet, whether to wake the user or alert to move a little after the discovery of sitting for a long time.
  • The user can keep track of the stats of running, walking, cycling and other types of activities and exercises.
  • It alerts the user when receiving calls or SMS and electronic messages through the Xiaomi bracelet.
  • The Xiaomi watch application works on mobile devices running the Android operating system, which you can download through the official Google Play Store.
  • You can try the Mi Fit program on iOS and iOS mobile devices by downloading it from the official Apple Store to work on iPhone phones.
  • It has a small size, which helps to download and install it on mobile devices with ease.

Mi Fit software download file

We have reached the most important section of our topic today, which is showing links to download the Xiaomi Band watch application for free on the jawakerr website to work on mobile phones that work with different operating systems with quick direct links through the official stores, if you are interested in tracking the health status continuously and analyzing the activities you do Daily, in addition to owning the famous Xiaomi Band bracelet, and you want to link your phone and the bracelet and get more data and features.


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