Download Opera mini browser for Android and iPhone for free

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Download Opera mini browser for Android and iPhone for free

Opera mini browser: Dear friends, visitors of jawaker website, you are welcome. During this article, I will talk about downloading the Opera Mini program for mobile, which has many features and advantages such as being a light browser and does not consume much internet data, which made it spread very widely, especially among phone users Which works on the Android system, where the browser does not take up much space on the phone, and I will present to you all the features of the browser and the difference between the Opera browser and the Opera Mini browser and many other information about this most wonderful browser. Therefore, we advise you to download the Opera mini browser for Android free.

My friends, the Opera mini program is one of the Internet browsers that is an essential thing in all smart phones these days, especially after the increase in the use of the Internet on these phones. Download and download the famous Opera browser that we talked about in a previous topic, which is considered Opera Mina a mini version of the original browser. This small browser, which is dedicated to smart devices such as Android phones and iPhones, has all the features and advantages that are found in the Opera browser for the computer, where Opera 7 for Android allows you to open blocked sites Through the so-called VPN technology, where you will be able to access all blocked websites using another country's IP address.

Download the best browser to unblock blocked websites for phones Opera mini

There are many topics in which we explained how to browse blocked sites, for this reason, links to download Hotspot Shield were previously presented. With this, the Opera browser for Android was able to provide all the features that Android users need, and this is what made the application very popular in the world, as the number of its users reached More than 300 million users and this number is still increasing thanks to the new technologies that are added to improve and develop the performance of the Opera Mini 54 browser, as it has become the best Internet browser for mobile without a doubt, superior to the famous Internet browser UC Browser, in this topic we will try to clarify all The strengths of this wonderful browser so that you know how much you need to download the Opera Mini 2021 browser for mobile for free.

Information about Opera Mini

It is worth noting that the Opera Mini browser was released or copied on August 10, 2005 by Opera software developers, and it is a browser designed to work on mobile phones for browsing the Internet in Java ME. , and it also works on the iOS operating system for iPhone phones, you can download it through the official Apple Store, you can download the application now for free through the official stores without any charge or restrictions, and a copy is also available that works on computers with backward operating systems, which we will show At the end of the topic, if you want to try the browser before installing it, you can go to the official website of the application and start browsing. The browser supports many languages, especially the English language, but it also supports the Arabic language.

Download Opera Mini 54 for mobile for free

What distinguishes the download of the Opera Mini browser for the wonderful mobile phone is that you will be able to access any website on the Internet, even the closed ones, without the need for programs to open blocked sites as we mentioned above, but how does this technology work and is it effective enough to make you browse any site even the blocked sites, In order to know the answer, we must tell the story from the beginning, as the company based on the development work of the Opera browser experimented with a new addition to open prohibited sites on the computer. For the browser, which made the developer resort to applying the same add-on on the version of Opera Mini for Mobile, where the browser has been updated and developed to be compatible with this add-on and you can activate or stop it at any time whenever you want, and this add-on will be very useful if you use many sites that has been blocked in your country, such as blocking the Facebook Messenger calling application in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

After using the Opera browser 2022, you will never fall under these restrictions and you will use the Internet freely and without any problem, in addition to the possibility of stopping this extension when it is not needed. This service is with high quality servers and performance, which makes you do not feel the difference between normal browsing and browsing after activating the VPN, and this is what made millions of users accept to download and install the Opera browser for Android.

Download Opera Mini Browser for Android

  • Program name: Opera Mini Browser.
  • Developed company: Opera.
  • Program size: 17.0 MB.
  • License to use: Completely free.
  • Compatible systems: Android.
  • Version number: V 61.0.2254.59862.
  • Language: many languages.
  • Update date: October 31, 2021.

Download Opera Mini Browser for iPhone

  • Browser License: Free
  • Browser version: 1.6.0
  • Browser Size: 54.1MB
  • Operating system: IOS 11.0 at least

Features of Download Opera Mini 2022 for Mobile

  • Browsing speed: It is one of the most important features that any user is looking for in an Internet browser, as the process of browsing the Internet, as the Opera browser offers you a very fast browsing experience, as it does not require the presence of high Internet throughput or high resources and capabilities in the device that has the “Opera Mini” browser installed. Therefore, it is a small and light version of the browser that is compatible with various systems, as it is considered the best browser for all.
  • Night mode: How many times have you surfed the Internet and used your phone in your dark room, this habit may harm your eyes greatly due to the great brightness of the light that is produced by your phone and to protect your eyes, the company that developed the Opera browser created a smart mode, which is the night mode in which the screen light is reduced by changing the color to black and thus protect your eyes from harmful rays that may harm you without even realizing it.

Features of Opera Mini

  • App Store: The browser contains an integrated store with millions of applications that you can download to your Android phone in the Apk format directly, and you can search for the application you want and download it easily. In addition, all downloads in this store are completely free, but we always advise you to use the official store Available in your phone, whether it is Google Play, Mobogenie, or others.
  • Design: The new version of the Opera Mini Apk browser comes with a very distinctive new design that contains many innovative things that made the design of the browser beautiful, simple and easy to use for everyone. Of course, this design has been greatly developed with the latest version of the Opera browser 2021, where flat designs were used in saturated colors Which adds splendor and elegance to the design of the browser.

Download Opera Mini

We have reached the most important section of our topic today, which is to display the links of the free unblocking download program on the jawakerr website to work on mobile phones that run on different operating systems with quick direct links through the official stores, if you are a fan of browsing websites and applications, I advise you to start trying a browser Opera Mini is now on your mobile and enjoy the tools and special features.


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