Download SideSync program to display the phone screen on the pc

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Download SideSync program 

SideSync program: Dear friends, visitors of jawaker website, welcome to you. Today we will introduce you to one of Samsung’s applications, which is the SideSync application, which allows you to view the screen of the mobile phone on computers and laptops and perform many tasks, which is what users are looking for, as it appeared recently There are many programs and applications of different nature and innovative ideas that solve many problems and provide many functions that many users are looking for all over the world, so we advise you to try downloading SideSync program to display the phone screen on the computer for Android for free.

Dear friends, where the links for downloading the yolo program were previously shown, and it is one of the most famous applications through which you can make a chat on your mobile phone with the people close to you without the need for your mobile connection to the Internet, and this is besides the virtual chat through the Internet service. Or in conferences or working celebrations full of people from installing the program on the mobile and start searching for people near you and communicating with them easily, which makes you communicate with those around you and many users search for this feature that allows you to identify and communicate with people near you.

Download SideSync

As previously, links to download AnyDesk program have been shown, which allows you to control devices remotely, whether they are mobile phones, computers, or laptops. The screen of the opposite device is without control for the ability to follow it only, in addition to the feature of making a meeting by linking several devices to view the presentation from one device, which saves a lot of effort going to the opposite person to watch an explanation, attend a meeting or fix a malfunction, so you can now control the devices remotely while you are in your place.

About SideSync

It is worth noting that the first version of the SideSync program was released before 2016 by Samsung, the most famous manufacturer of electrical appliances and distinguished in the production of phones, which we will focus on through this application that allows viewing the mobile screen on the computer and laptop with control from the computer with many Among the features that we will review with you today through this topic, the SideSync application works on mobile phones running the Android operating system, as it is the official operating system for all phones manufactured by Samsung. You can download it with direct links from below through Media Fire servers.

Download SideSync for Android and PC

Download the SideSync application for mobile, computer and laptop with a direct link for free, the latest version 2022. , SideSync is characterized by its small size, which helps to download and install the program or application with ease on devices without the need for a large space of phone storage or hard disk.

The program needs to make a connection between the computer and the phone to open the wi-fi and start the connection and display the mobile screen. Through the program or enter the studio and start browsing photos and videos easily, the program supports many different languages, including Arabic, which makes it easy for users of the Middle East.

Download SideSync for PC

  • Software license: Free.
  • The size of the program: 46.9 MB approximately.
  • Update date: October 2021.
  • The current version:
  • Operating System: Windows XP at least.

Download SideSync for Android

  • Application license: Free.
  • Application size: 8.23 ​​MB approx.
  • Current version:
  • Operating System: Android 4.4 at least.

SideSync Download Features

  • The application offers the function of displaying the mobile phone screen on computers and laptops.
  • You can use the application to control the mobile through the computer or transfer files, in addition to opening the gallery and browsing and playing all the photos and videos on the phone on the computer screen.
  • Download SideSync program to display the phone screen on the computer for free for Android
  • The program needs to open the wi-fi on the computer and mobile phone to connect them after confirming the acceptance of the connection.
  • The SideSync app’s adoption of the wi-fi feature, an alternative to Bluetooth, increases the distance between the phone and the mobile phone while working with high performance.
  • The application works on all devices, whether they have medium or weak specifications, with high performance and speed, as it does not need devices with high specifications to operate.
  • The Samsung developer team is concerned with the continuous updating of the program to work on improving performance and solving all problems that users encounter.
  • Samsung is characterized by its small size, which helps people to download and install the program easily on mobile phones or computers and laptops with ease, as it does not require a large area of ​​mobile storage memory or hard disk.
  • You can share a computer keyboard and mouse to operate it on a mobile phone, which makes using the mobile easier.
  • You can share different URLs between devices using the Internet sharing feature and open the links on your computer.
  • You can check notification messages, contact, receive calls and SMS messages to the phone via the computer.

Download SideSync

We have reached the most important section of our topic today, which is displaying links to download the SideSync application for free on jawakerr website to work on computers and mobile phones with different operating systems with quick direct links through the official website or mediafire servers. Hurry up to download the program now and enjoy viewing your mobile screen on your computer and control Easily done by opening the Wi-Fi.


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