Download Barbie Dream House game for mobile and PC for free

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Download Barbie Dream House game for mobile and PC for free

Barbie Dream House game: Dear friends, visitors to the jawakerr website, you are welcome. Download the Barbie Dream House game for Android, iPhone, computer, laptop and Mac with a direct link, the latest version for free 2022. Today, we will present to you one of the famous Barbie games that attracts the attention of a number of girls around the world, which It includes many Barbie games and contains many fun internal tasks for girls. Barbie Dream House or Barbie dream house is the game that we will present to you. This type of games is characterized by the presence of many beautiful brides and girls with many clothes with different tastes and colors Girls love it.

Barbie Dream House is considered one of the most famous games because of its simplicity and ease, as it is loved by young children and adults, and it is very entertaining and has many levels. Among the children’s games, links to download My Playhome have previously been shown, and it includes a large series of parts of the game, each of which is of a different nature and place than the rest of the parts. Knowing some types of food and the names of home furniture and getting acquainted with many different jobs and the task assigned to each job, this type ensures that parents enjoy their children greatly in addition to attracting their attention so that the mother can spend some time of rest or perform one of the tasks required of her at home while her child is calm And enjoy the game.

Download Barbie Dream House for PC, Laptop and Mac

The advantage of downloading the Barbie Dream House game on your computer is that it is available free of charge, and then you can enter the paid version to get more advantages and additions, and it is one of the games that develops some abilities in many children. Moreover, the game is subject to a special feature. Parental Controls To make them feel safer about their children spending a lot of time with this wonderful game, Barbie is a beautiful doll with elegant yellow hair. Barbie dolls come in different shapes, sizes and colors, and with the development of technology, Barbie company had to create its own application. Together on how to download the game Barbie on the computer.

Information about the game Barbie Dreamhouse

It is worth noting that the first download version of the Barbie Dream House game was released on June 22, 2018 by Budge Studios, which owns many beautiful and famous games that many people love around the world. Barbie Dream House works on Android phones that you can download Through the Google Play Store, you can try Barbie Dream House on the mobile running the IOS operating system through the Apple Store to work on iPhone phones. Phones with high specifications to operate, but they work on medium and simple phones with high performance and speed.

Download Barbie Dream House for Android and iPhone with a direct link

The Barbie Dream House game download for mobile is characterized by an average or less than average size, which helps users to download and install the game on their mobile phones with ease, as it does not require a large area of ​​mobile storage memory. Barbie Dream House features high-quality 3D graphics with graphics And wonderful colors that reflect the nature of the colors that all girls love, which attracts the attention of many players all over the world, and the Barbie game contains many beautiful sound effects that increase the enthusiasm of the players inside the game, Barbie works in a single style and an Off Line playing system That is, you do not need your phone's internet connection service, so the player can enjoy it anywhere without any restrictions. The player can enjoy doing a lot of things inside her home, whether changing the decor and controlling each piece, besides dressing Barbie a lot of clothes and accessories, as well as changing the hair style and eye color and doing a complete makeup.

The most important characters available in the game

There are a large number of wonderful cartoon characters that will appear and need your help also within the game Barbie Dream Houses

  • Rene: He's one of the cool characters in Barbie's dream house, but he loves sports so much that you'll find him a fanatic for her.
  • Daisy: A lover of the wonderful world of music, and on top of that she is very talented in this field.
  • Teresa: One of the very beautiful girls who gained great popularity during the Barbie cartoon series, and indeed she is a worthy character because she loves science a lot and is preoccupied with it most of the time.
  • Nikki: One of the attractive personalities who loves design and creativity and has a special imagination and charm in her appearance. She is also very ambitious and wants to be something in the future in the world of fashion and beauty.
  • Kane: A character who tends to be withdrawn and lonely.

Download Barbie Dreamhouse for Android

  • Game license: Free.
  • Update date: November 4, 2021.
  • Current version: 5.0.
  • Operating System: Android 4.4 at least.
  • Game rating: 4.1 stars.

Download Barbie Dreamhouse for iPhone

  • Game license: Free.
  • Game size: approximately 614.5 MB.
  • Update date: November 13, 2021.
  • Operating system: IOS 9.0 at least.
  • Game rating: 4.3 stars.

Features of the game Barbie Dream House for mobile and computer

  • Barbie Fashion is designed to be compatible with all devices and programs, so you can download the game on your computer with Windows, whether it is old or modern Windows, and on your mobile phone, whether it is Android or iPhone.
  • You do not have to worry if your phone does not have a large space, the Barbie game does not have a large area, quite the contrary, and for this you can install the game on your phone or on your computer without worrying.
  • Barbie Dream House games work with high quality graphics as they use 3D graphics technology.
  • Many wonderful visual and sound effects that make you feel like you are in a real house and live with Barbie and the rest of the game characters support a lot of funny and beautiful situations.
  • Also, if you encounter any difficulties or problems in the game and while playing it, you can go to the settings and inquiries section in order to find out the problem and how to solve these problems.
  • As you play the game you will find that the game designs and graphics are of the best kind.
  • Barbie Dreamhouse supports individual style as well as the ability to use it offline or online.
  • Develops the artistic and creative sense of many children in terms of choosing pieces of clothing and makeup for many characters, as well as arranging and painting the rooms and arranging the coordinated pieces of furniture inside them.
  • It creates a kind of compassion and responsibility in children, because it has a special part in raising some pets while at the same time taking care of them optimally.
  • The fun and excitement is very much inside the Barbie Dream House game, as it gives you daily tasks when you finish it. You can get more prizes and unlock a lot of closed dresses and designs.
  • The coordinates of the events keep up with the current time. On Christmas, the game is updated and you have to decorate the Christmas tree and on Halloween, as we mentioned in the current update.

Download Barbie Dreamhouse game

We have come to the most important section of our topic today, which is to display links to download the game Barbie Dream House for free on jawakerr website to work on mobile phones with different operating systems with quick direct links through the official stores.


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