Download Snakes and Ladders for Android and iPhone for free

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Download Snakes and Ladders for Android and iPhone for free

Snakes and Ladders game: Dear friends, visitors of the jawakerr website, welcome. Today is our date with Snakes and Ladders game, one of the most famous games loved by young and old, as this game depends on a simple and distinctive style that does not require thought or intelligence while playing but rather depends on luck, That's why we advise you to try out the free Snakes and Ladders mobile game and drawer download.

Information about the game Snakes and Ladders

It is worth noting that Snakes and Ladders is a popular classic game that originated in India. It was spread under the name Bramabada Subanam, which means the way to salvation. Then it moved to England and then to the United States by Milton Bradley during 1943. Its name changed with its move From place to place where it was sometimes called under the name of the game of ladder and slide and in the Arab world live and stairs, but the most common is the name of the ladder and snake, the goal within the game is to start from the starting point by controlling one of the elements to reach the end station in the first place, the player throws The dice rotate once at the beginning to get the number six, which allows you to reach the starting station and move either right or left according to the number on the dice each time.

Download the game Snakes and Ladders for mobile

What distinguishes the download of the game Snakes and Ladders for mobile with a direct link, the latest version for free. There is a live game and a different set of tools and items are included on the game board, each with a different direction, for example, if you happen to reach a station with the beginning of a ladder that will raise you a number of stations It advances you many steps, but if you reach the head of the snake here, it will lead to swallowing you and reaching the station where the tail is located.

And the player has to play an additional role when throwing the dice and getting a number six, which increases your progress over the opposing player. This version of the electronic game has many changes, for example is the design that moved away from the traditional board, where it was replaced by moving stands, beautiful colors and graphics This is in addition to replacing the moving piece with a character with a distinctive and wonderful design that can change the colors of his clothes with many beautiful colors.

Download Snakes and Ladders for Android

  • Game license: Free.
  • Game size: approximately 105 MB.
  • Update date: October 27, 2021.
  • Operating System: Android 4.4 at least.
  • Game rating: 4.4 stars.

Download Snakes and Ladders for iPhone

  • Game license: Free.
  • Game size: 145.8 MB approximately.
  • Current version: 13.0.
  • Operating system: IOS 9.0 at least.
  • Game rating: 4.6 stars.

Features of the game Snakes and Ladders for mobile

  • It is a classic popular board game that relies on dice moving items on the board.
  • Suitable for all different age groups, from seven-year-olds to the elderly, it is ideal for the family.
  • The player can customize the color of the character he controls between five different colors.
  • You can enjoy it by challenging the device with an OFF line system without the need to connect the phone to the Internet.
  • You can enjoy multiplayer modes between challenging one to three real people with the ON Line online work system by connecting your mobile phone to the internet service.
  • The snake and ladder game has a high-resolution graphic design with distinctive colors and graphics with a change in the original design of the game and its development to attract more players.
  • It contains many shapes of the 3D game board with different and wonderful colors.
  • It has a simple and easy gameplay without the need for an explanation of how to play.
  • Snakes and Ladders game works on mobile phones running the Android operating system, you can download it through the official Google Play Store.
  • You can try the snake and ladder game on iOS and iOS mobile devices by downloading it through the official Apple Store to work on iPhone phones.
  • Al-Hayya and the Drawer game is characterized by its small size, which helps players to easily download and install the game on mobile devices, as it does not require a large area of ​​mobile storage memory.
  • Users can invite their friends to participate in online challenges.

Download Snakes and Ladders game

If you are a fan of ludo games and popular classic games and want to relive your childhood days with a special family game, we have reached the most important section of our topic today, which is to offer free download links for Snakes and Ladders on the jawakerr website to work on mobile phones that work with different operating systems with quick direct links through Official Stores, you can now enjoy the unique Snakes and Ladders game.


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