Download captain Tsubasa game for Android and iPhone for free

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Download captain Tsubasa game for Android and iPhone for free

Captain Tsubasa game: Download and download the Captain Tsubasa game for Android and iPhone with a direct link, latest version for free 2022. Today, we will present to you the Captain Tsubasa game that everyone loves, the cartoon Captain Tsubasa game, which appeared in the eighties and nineties. After the great popularity and popularity of this cartoon character, we recommend that you download Captain Tsubasa and try it out right away.

Download Captain Tsubasa

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Information about downloading captain Tsubasa

It is worth noting that Captain Tsubasa, a Japanese company, has created a game for Android and iOS smartphones, so that you can integrate with it and play it wonderfully. As well as to recall and evoke the best childhood memories. It is available in 135 countries, in Arabic, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Japanese. Where the story simulates the story of a player who loves football and works hard for him and his team to achieve victory and victory. When you get involved, you will feel as if you are playing on the ground, as if you are playing in the World Cup finals. Do not miss the opportunity to download the game Captain Majid for Android now from the download page below.

What is captain tsubasa game ?

Captain Tsubasa Dream Team is a popular sports game for Android and iPhone devices, played in more than 150 countries. You have to make your own soccer team and take part in all the amazing matches. It will give you a great soccer experience, which will help you test your skills. The gameplay is easy to learn and play even if you are new to soccer. You will learn all the basics and rules of football in the game. The game also uses realistic physics and graphics, which will help you get a more accurate gameplay.


The game also contains many special skills of the characters taken from the famous football comics such as Tsubasa drive-shot or Tiger-shot Hyuga. All these skills can be used in soccer matches to surprise and beat your opponents.

How to play captain Tsubasa

The idea of ​​the game (Captain Tsubasa Dream Team), is to build a dream team. And that is by choosing a team, training it, and participating in the match. During the game, you will find a guide who will tell you what to do or how to move, and choose the team. The Captain Majid game consists of several runs, and at the end of each run, you will be informed of that. You have to be responsible and win the match for your team.


The Captain Tsubasa Dream Team mod roster also adds new players, stadiums, training camps, and more to the game. You can also purchase special items in the shop to help your team win games, such as better players or powerful weapons. There are multiple ways to earn money from the game, including completing challenges or winning matches. Captain Tsubasa Dream Team Unlimited Money is a great way to add more excitement and competition to your Android game experience.

Features of captain Tsubasa mobile game

  • Accuracy in design and choice of colors, as the Captain Majid Arabic game is characterized by accurate design of characters and graphics, and harmonious colors that are closest to reality.
  • Player Training: In Captain Majid mobile game, you can train the team and improve their abilities and skills.
  • The presence of all the characters of the Captain Majid cartoon and the Captain Majid game for Android.
  • Realistic skills and abilities that make you feel that the characters are real playing on the field.
  • the presence of a mentor; To help you pass missions, how to train, and choose players.
  • Intense training of players without getting tired or stopping, to win the match, as you feel like you are playing a match in the World Cup.

Download captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

We have come to the most important paragraph of our topic for today, which is showing links to download the game Captain Majid for free on jawakerr to work on Android phones and iPhones. We advise you to try downloading captain tsubasa rise of new game.


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