night of the consumers game download for Android

night of the consumers game download for Android

night of the consumers game download for Android

The night of the consumers game: download the night of the consumers game for Android with a direct link, the latest version, for free.

Download night of the consumers game

Game night of the consumers: Dear friends, visitors to jawakerr website, you are welcome, as you know what we care about by providing new games with innovative ideas that are released specifically to work on mobile phones, as they have become the most widespread devices around the world and cannot For all users to dispense with it anywhere they go at all times, as it has become a constant friend to them due to its small size and the possibility of placing it in the pocket without feeling it. The links to download ROBLOX game for iPhone and Android and for the computer have already been shown, and it is a game very similar to what we will offer you Today, as it includes many characters that can assume their roles, and each of them has a different function that lives within it.

Brief summary about the game night of the consumers

It is worth noting that the night of the consumers game is considered one of the most famous and wonderful games that have appeared recently, and the game is based on movement and excitement. The game is not placed in the Google Play Store, but it is possible to play it on your mobile device along with computers. In this article, we will learn about Consumer Night in detail, then answer the question Where can I get Consumer Night? How can I download the Consumer Night program for free? You will also find how to download Night Of The Consumer Android.

Download night of the consumers game for Android

Night of the consumers free download for Android will be your first day on the job, and the store closes in a matter of minutes. Consumers, with their thirst for customer service, still roam the aisles and there are still shelves to stock up on. The store must be kept in good shape, and the manager will not tolerate empty shelves.


You will also have to avoid consumers at all costs or risk losing your mind due to customer service limitations. With the hour approaching and the enormous demands the manager has placed upon you, there is no time to waste.


As you play, you will discover that the boss is the main antagonist in this first-person black comedy horror game. He is the vile manager of the grocery store in which the player works and he must complete a mission and satisfy the customers in need before the time runs out. If not, the player will face a horrific fate.

What is the way to play the game Night of the Consumers ?

At the beginning of the game, the manager appears first and enthusiastically greets the player and welcomes them to the shop. However, he warns that there will be consequences if the player does not satisfy the customers there. (Customers are unbearable to deal with) The manager will then leave you.


However, another employee warns the player that the manager is, in fact, an evil person who takes matters seriously and gives him tips on how to survive his bout. If the player discovers the staff locker room and office for some time, the employee of the month poster can be seen showing a former employee named Lester as well as a missing poster of him, indicating that the manager must have done something with him.


While at work, if the player goes to the staff room and drops a crack on the wall with a chest, Lester's remains can be found. In addition to scribbles on the wall warning the player not to trust the manager, it indicates that the manager has been kidnapped and imprisoned there for 90 days where the specific days can be seen on the walls as well.

features of night of the consumers game for mobile

Competition whim: The manager prides himself on having the best store in town. One complaint or not doing your job, you will have him chasing you.

Controllable helplessness: In a horrifying way, if you fail, the boss will chase after you in the dark. You can't escape from it, all doors are chained shut. Even hiding in the rooms won't help, because the manager will definitely find the employee.

Krapsack's World: Outside the store in Silent Hill's mist like fog lurks consumers. The shop inside is absolutely filthy with smears of feces and heaps of vomit on the floors. Makes you wonder how the hell it has a 5-star cleaner rating.

Daytime horror: The fact that the game takes place in broad daylight inside a brightly lit store does little to diminish the real horror. Daylight certainly doesn't make a closed shop (when you fail) any less terrifying, especially considering you're stuck there with the murderous boss.

Difficulty by Speeding: The more consumers get caught up in the less time you have to help their orders before they turn into a storm.

Dog food diet: There are dog food products marketed to cats.

Doomed supermarket show: Chocolate tubs and toilet rolls are on display in the midst of consumer frenzy.

Download night of the consumers game

We have come to the most important section of our topic for today, which is offering a link to download the night of the consumers game for free on the Jawakerr website to work on mobile phones that work in various operating systems through the official stores. We advise you to start immediately to try the night of the consumers for free.

Download night of the consumers


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