WiFi Map version 2023 Download for Android, iPhone and PC

WiFi Map version 2023 Download for Android, iPhone and PC

WiFi Map version 2023 Download for Android, iPhone and PC

WiFi Map: Download WiFi Map for Android, iPhone and PC for free with a direct link. The WiFi Map application is one of the distinguished applications in its field in opening and operating locked WiFi networks as well, where you can connect to any network you want on the map that you want covered by this application.

Download WiFi Map

Now that the Internet has become an essential part of our daily life, it cannot be dispensed with so that we can browse social networking sites, use it at work or browse different sites. Mobile Internet connection has become an important and necessary thing for most people, but sometimes you may need to connect to the Internet in The case is that you are away from your home and you cannot connect to your Wi-Fi network, and you also do not have an internet package, so you need a program that can detect Wi-Fi networks near where you are and also detects the password of these networks so that you can connect out.

What is WiFi Map ?

WiFi Map is one of the rich applications of its kind that serves all smartphone users, whether it is Android or iPhone, to detect a location on the Wi-Fi network anywhere in the world where the user can discover a number of points for free access to the Wi-Fi network And enjoy browsing without the need to use a data plan, so having a free wireless network is a blessing as the data charges can become huge in the pocket, which may cause the user to not be able to get a free net, and for these reasons together, this application cares about sharing Hotspots are password protected thanks to the cooperation of its users, who also provide feedback.

Information about WiFi Map

Wireless internet networks, or what is known as Wi-Fi networks, have become prevalent around us everywhere, in homes, cafes, workplaces and restaurants, due to the speed of the Internet through them, as well as the possibility of connecting more than one computer or mobile through them at the same time.


But in order to maintain the privacy and speed of the connection to the Wi-Fi network, the owners of these networks set a password to protect their Wi-Fi network from penetration or that someone connects to it and consumes the internet speed without the knowledge of its owners, and even causes slow internet speed on their devices as well. .


But this changed after the release of the Wi-Fi Map program for mobile, this wonderful free program that enables the user to know all the available Wi-Fi networks in the area in which he is located as well as the surrounding areas, and through it he can even know the password of the network in order to connect to it with ease.

Download WiFi Map for Android, iPhone and PC

The WiFi Map program enables the user to access the available WiFi networks with the user name and password, and these details can also be shared with your friends and with the whole world. Thanks to the presence of interactive maps, you will be able to browse the Internet in any public place such as restaurants, cafes, stores, and universities. There is also a special section that provides the user with very interactive content where you can even let others know how good/bad the network works.

What is the way to run WiFi Map ?

  1. After downloading the Wi-Fi Map program for mobile and computer in the way we explained earlier, and then successfully completing the installation process, and before starting to open the application and use it to know the available Wi-Fi networks and their password, activate the GPS geo-navigation feature on the phone.
  2. After confirming the previous step, the Wi-Fi Map application can now be opened and you will find that the main screen of the application has all the Wi-Fi networks in the area in which it is located according to the geographical location that was determined by the GPS geo-navigation feature.
  3. Each of the Wi-Fi networks shown on the application screen is attached to it next to the signal strength, the quality of the Internet connection, and the method of protection, and all you have to do is choose the network you prefer from among the available options based on many things, the most important of which is the signal quality and the proximity of the network to the area in which it is located in order to ensure the strength of Connection.
  4. Some wireless Internet networks are open to everyone and are not protected by any kind of protection, and in this case the matter is very simple, and the role of the application is only to show this network and its strength, and all you have to do is choose this open network so that the connection process is done automatically and without any other steps.
  5. But in the event that the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to is password-protected by its owners, the Wi-Fi Map application will easily show the password for this network, and then it can be written in the required field, to complete the connection process successfully.
  6. After doing all the previous steps, you can now enjoy many of the Internet networks available around you, whether they are open or protected with ease, and completely free without the need to pay any fees or subscriptions until you connect to the Internet anywhere and anytime you want.
  7. In the case of using the Wi-Fi Map program, and after the update process, no Wi-Fi networks appear, the application should not be closed or deleted from the phone immediately, the reason may be the lack of Wi-Fi networks in the area you are in, and it will appear when you move to an area that contains on networks that can be connected.

Features of WiFi Map

  • You must be aware of how amazing this app is, that it has many great features, that it is light, easy and not complicated at all, and it is also a great app in terms of storage as it does not take up much space. External storage does not take up a lot of internal storage, also known as RAM, and to encourage people to carry and buy if the app gives you beautiful and amazing things even with such a small storage capacity, it is to provide a request.
  • It does not consume a lot of battery power when used frequently, it does not have difficult and complex tools, but it is simple and smooth, which does not make this application an unpleasant application, but it has simple and lightweight icons, easy to customize. What you want and how cool it is to get the awesome, smooth and light WiFi Map Apk which is like those cool and convenient features in this app, you should consider the lightness and smoothness of the app.
  • Due to the internal and limited storage, as well as these great advantages, it is great to have an application that helps its users and does not exhaust them. The cool and exciting part about this app is that it includes a feature that allows you to connect to any Wi-Fi network. With this exciting application, Fi is a place for you in the world, so the producers of the application seek to develop it and make it at the forefront of bringing Wi-Fi networks to provide the user with a service that is convenient for them and also satisfactory for everyone, so try to have this application on your mobile phone permanently and continuously to enjoy its features.

Download WiFi Map

We have come to the most important section of our topic for today, which is showing a link to download the free WiFi Map program on jawakerr website to work on mobile phones that run different operating systems with quick direct links through the official stores, I advise you to start to try the wonderful WiFi Map program now.

WiFi Map for Android


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