Download the latest Facebook application

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Download the latest Facebook application

Download Facebook and download Messenger Facebook: It is one of the most popular applications in the whole world. and it is a site also. It was created by Mark Zuckerberg, who launched the site in 2004 and was initially a site for communication between members of his group.

And then the idea of ​​Facebook became popular among many universities, and after this, the site became spread among countries all over the world, and after a few years, Facebook began to exist in the Arab world and spread spread all over the world until it reached what it is now.

The site has become one of the largest companies in the world, and Facebook has also acquired a lot of small companies, such as buying the Instagram application known for publishing photos and videos as a social media application, but it is not the Facebook application, as Facebook includes publishing posts, adding friends, and creating groups and pages.

As it is more expansionary than Instagram, and also Facebook bought the WhatsApp messaging application, WhatsApp is the most popular application in the field of sending messages and communicating between people, and the company is currently developing many projects that are related to artificial intelligence and other modern technology projects.

A brief summary of the Facebook application

Facebook direct download on our site, where we provide you with the download from our site for free in the form of Android and iPhone, and we also update the files on our site constantly in order to get the latest version and update the application you want and all this for free. Open it on the browser.

The application is characterized by bin. You can communicate video by calling the video feature between your friends and the good thing in the matter is that you can call a video group at the same time. The topic is not limited to only two people. Similar to this in the voice call also, calls on Facebook are characterized by high quality and in the video call you can add filters on Your face during the call and also add decorations to you and many wonderful things that you can do during a video call.

Facebook application features

1. Facebook is one of its advantages that it works on all phones with all operating systems, whether Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, or even Blackberry works on these systems and also does not require high capabilities to run the application as it works on any phone.

2. It was the least capabilities present in the world and this is what distinguishes the application from other applications. You may find many applications and games that need high capabilities and do not work on all phones, but most of this matter you find in games and not applications, do not worry about this topic in the application will work On your phone.

3. The Facebook application is the most famous social networking site in the world.

4. Downloading Facebook is free and does not require any fees or payment of any fees mentioned.

5. Download Facebook with a direct link from our site and download Messenger with a direct link.

6. Facebook direct download: Facebook enables you to communicate with people around the world by sending messages to them and adding them to your friends list.

7. You can easily send photos and videos of any size you want to any friend you have around the world.

8. You can write posts and post them on your personal page for your friends to see, like and comment on your post.

9. You can also download the Facebook Messenger application, which makes it easy for you to chat with your friends around the world, where you can send messages while you are using an application or game without having to exit the current application to open the Facebook application to send messages to your friends.

10. You can create pages for your own projects that you work with to help you achieve widespread among people and increase your sales.

11. You can also reach a large number of fans by making a funded advertisement on Facebook, which speeds up the process of spreading your work to many people. You can also determine from which country they are also determining their interest in what suits your field of work.

12. A program that helps you get to know new friends in your life from the last countries of the world.

Download the Facebook application Download Facebook

Download Facebook and download the Messenger application Facebook: It is one of the most famous applications in the whole world and it is also a site that was created by Mark Zuckerberg, who launched the site in 2004 and was initially a site for communication between members of his group.


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