Download B612 for Android and iPhone with a direct link for free

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Download B612

B612 Program: Dear friends, visitors to jawakerr website, you are welcome. Download the B612 mobile application, the latest update for free 2022. Today, we will present to you a topic that interests all young men and women who are fond of photography and uploading their photos to various social networking sites. The B612 selfie application is the best and most popular program that is used in this The purpose is used by many celebrities, so we recommend that you download the B612 program with a direct link, the latest 2022 update.

My dear friends, as you know that after the great development in the world of mobile phones and the interest of mobile phone manufacturers to work on increasing the quality of the camera and phone screen, many users have moved away from using cameras on happy occasions and everyone has turned to using phone cameras for photography, not only on happy occasions, but whenever the opportunity allows them to see Beautiful background or someone needs to document a certain moment of using their phone and take a picture.

B612 Application Information

It is worth noting that the B612 application is one of the best camera applications that helps you take selfies, it was released by SNOW and it has more than one other application, but the most famous of them is the application we are talking about today. The camera application was released to work on mobile phones with different operating systems, it works On the Android operating system and you can download it from the Google Play Store, and the application also works on the iOS operating system, you can download it from the Apple Store, the program has the ability to download and use it for free, knowing that the program has been downloaded through the Google Play store more than 100 million times This indicates its wide popularity and the users’ love for it. The program is characterized by a simple interface that enables you to use the application easily without any complexity. The program supports many languages, and the most important of them is its support for the Arabic language, which makes it easier for the user to use it more easily.

B612 mobile app download latest update

What distinguishes downloading B612 Selfie program for mobile is that it is considered the best application for taking selfies B612 from adjusting the colors of the images by controlling the type of colors or choosing from among many beautiful filters that give your image a very beautiful shape and integrated within the program, including what is found in applications similar to it, there are inside the application More than 100 different filters work to improve the image and remove defects, impurities and errors, and each filter has its own degree of color and a different degree of illumination, the application contains the beautiful Vignette feature that distinguishes your image by making its edges gradually fade, the application has been programmed to focus on directing the work of filters on people Staying away from changing the background if you want to, and the application also allows you if you are confused or do not know which filter to use to take your picture from most of the program. Some edits to make a professional video.

Download B612 for Android and iPhone with a direct link for free

Download B612 for Android

  • Application license: Free.
  • Application size: 147.6 MB approx.
  • Update date: December 16, 2021.
  • Operating system: Android 5.0 at least.
  • App rating: 4.3 stars.

Download B612 for iPhone

  • Software license: Free.
  • Program size: approximately 219.7 MB.
  • Current version: 10.5.8.
  • Operating System: IOS 11.0 at least.
  • Program rating: 4.6 stars.

Features of B612 Mobile Application

  • The application works on mobile phones with the Android operating system by downloading it through the official Google Play Store.
  • You can download the application through the Apple Store to work on mobile phones with the IOS operating system for the work of iPhone phones.
  • The program helps you to take selfies in a unique way to produce a beautiful image with high quality.
  • The application provides you with more than 100 different filters that you can use to take pictures with control of the degree of color and accuracy of lighting and to produce a professional image.
  • The program has been downloaded through the Google Play Store more than 100 million times, which indicates the extent of the popularity of the application.
  • You can capture short video clips of between 3 seconds and 6 seconds with the availability of many utilities for professional video production.
  • The app has a timer feature to take photos after a period of time that you specify.
  • You can use and choose from more than 200 different stickers and emojis to add to the captured image and make a beautiful picture.
  • The program is very fast by giving you options to use filters by recognizing the face.
  • The Vignette feature, which gives a distinct shape to the edges of the captured image, and automatically adapts to the filter used in the image.
  • The Selfie Collage feature, which enables you to choose a group of photos, and the program combines them into one image in a distinctive way.
  • The B612 application has the Auto Focus feature that works to lighten the face and make it appear shiny and distinctive.

Download B612

If you are a fan of taking selfies through your mobile camera and want an alternative application to the default camera that includes a distinct set of features, we have come to the most important section of our topic, which is the presentation of links to download B612 application for free on the jawakerr website to work on mobile phones running the Android operating system from the Google Store Play and iOS operating system from the Apple Store for iPhone phones.

Download B612 for Android
Download B612 for iPhone


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