Download northgard game for mobile and pc 2022

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Download northgard game for mobile and pc 2022

northgard game: download and install northgard game for android, iphone, pc, laptop and mac with direct link latest version for free. Today we will introduce to you northgard game which is one of the greatest strategy games of all time with more than 500 million downloads on google play store. We recommend that you download and try northgard right away.

northgard game download

Northgard game: Dear friends, welcome to jawakerr website, many strategic games have spread recently that require planning and intelligence from players. One of the most famous strategic games that work on mobile phones with different operating systems is the Clash Of Clans game. With adventures and interesting events after the technological boom of mobile phones from all sides and the issuance of smart operating systems, on top of them the Android operating system provided by the ancient company Google, which has become approved by many companies that produce mobile phones with world famous brands to become the official operator of their phones portable.

Information about downloading the game northgard

It's worth mentioning that northgard was an amazing console and PC game from Playdigious. However, now we can share the glory of playing the game on our Android devices. Here, attractive and amazing gameplay is presented to the players as they take on the journey of a lifetime. The story is based on Norse mythology. You will be exposed to mythical Vikings monsters and face the warring societies as a clan leader.


The strategy is to keep people safe from warlords. For those whose lives have been taken, you will be able to take revenge and eliminate the killers and evil leaders who regularly instigate wars. You will also have to create a wonderful settlement for people who are left without homes. Indeed, it is your duty to keep the people fed, happy, warm and protected in the harsh land of Northgard. If this is something you can do, download the game on your smart device now and enjoy being the clan hero.

What is the story of the Northgard game ?

The story of this game begins with the killing of the king and most of his people in the hands of a nearby enemy clan. His son's stench has escaped and he is now seeking revenge to restore his royal legacy. There will be various challenges along the way as you seek to restore the royal century. Moreover, various clans will swear allegiance to you as you seek to fight against giant enemies in other clans as well as mythical monsters. This outstanding game offers you the opportunity to show your battle prowess with unique fighting skills that will help you to capture the island in the north and form a settlement for your people.


Be a brave and undefeatable Viking who will relentlessly look to explore the unfamiliar lands north, vanquishing mysterious Northgard monsters and enemies for a shovel and fortunes. You will do all this accompanied by a large number of aggressive and talented Vikings. Your team will help you explore new lands through trade, crafts, military art, and diplomacy. The main objective of the player is to glorify the Viking clan in the vast mysterious lands of Northguard Island. Do not forget that you will fight with the ancient gods of cold and dangerous animals of the north and aggressive tribes. So, if you are up to the task, get the game now and try to complete the different levels successfully.

Download northgard game for Android, iPhone, PC and Mac

The first features that we care about on jawakerr is to provide all that is new and free of games and applications, as is the case with Northgard game. You can download it for free with direct links through the official stores from the bottom of the topic, Northgard supports many different languages, but what matters to users In the Middle East, the game supports a full interface in Arabic, which makes it easier without the need for an explanation of how the game is or what is required of the player.


The team of developers from Saif Al Maarifa is interested in constantly issuing updates to add new events and occasions as well as solving all the problems that users encounter. The Northgard game is characterized by a very beautiful design with high-resolution colors and graphics that attract the attention of users. You can challenge your friends by playing the On-line system Line by connecting your mobile to the Internet.

Northgard Mobile and PC Features

Build your own Viking settlement on Northguard Island and implement your strategy to colonize the entire northern region. With the various features that come with the game, you should be able to make the area belong to the Vikings.


Strategic gameplay – This is one of the latest strategy games released on Play Store. The story begins with the death of the High King of the Vikings. He was killed and his royal horn was taken by a clan head named Hagen. The son of the deceased king must avenge and defeat the enemy clans to seize the lands of Northgard and all the resources in this land. During his existence, the character will face enemies and make friends.


This entails a strategy around balancing your resources that will help advance your clan. Note that you have to use the resources wisely during different periods. For example, during the summer, food is plentiful and firewood is not used much. However, beware of winter because you will need to stock up on resources to withstand cold conditions.


Make sure to avoid war during winter because fighting is a disadvantage. Instead, try to build shelters quickly and before your clan begins to starve or freeze, focus on making and executing the best strategies that are easy to master and to prevail against the enemies.


Various Clans - The merciless wilderness of Northgard hosts the first six clans that the player must take care of during the entire gameplay. There will be friendly clans and those who are fierce enemies. Some clans include the Kraken clan. You must try to unleash its awesome power and take advantage of the bounty of the sea.


In addition to that, you will need to unlock other clans like the Snake Clan that operate out of the shadows and advance towards the enemies with clever guerrilla tricks. There is also the dragon clan that pleases the gods with sacrifices and follows ancient customs. Don't forget about The Horse Clan, Bull Clan, Clan of the Lynx, and more.

The most important features of downloading the game northgard

Unlimited Resources - Each clan has different useful resources that make them live in Northgard. You must come up with strategies on how to properly manage resources, increase food production, trade, or even fight for more resources. In the game, you will send scouts to find new locations that you can use for further food production. You can also colonize new lands with different resources such as fertile land, rocks to be mined, deer to hunt, and more. Note that it will be difficult to grow food in the winter and this will affect your economy. Trade with different clans to gain more resources that will help your clan to survive without conflict.

Stunning Graphics - With the amazing 3D graphics of the game, the vast land appears very clearly. The great graphics enable you to clearly see each clan unit, what they are doing, and what they are doing. To learn the strategy of the Vikings, the game displays the characters with the messages they send on the screen. The realistic environment where each action takes place in different climatic conditions such as summer, winter, etc.

download northgard game

Here we have come to the most important section of our topic for today, which is to display the links to download the free northgard game on the Jawakerr website to work on Android phones and iPhones. You can also download the game on computers, laptops and Macs through the official stores.


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